Anointed perks question

So I can’t find a straight answer on this, maybe some can help. Can I have 4 anointed weapons equipped and have all 4 perks active at once? Or does the perk only activate on the current weapon I’m holding in my hands?
There is a blue gun that has a nice “on action skill end” anointment perk but of course no good to use other wise. So can I equip it or do I actually have to be holding it?


you have to have it your hand for the perk to work.


Anointed bonus is active only when you are using the gun/gear. So you need hold that blue gun.


Which is stupid. I got a pistol, annointed gunner, on action skill end increase status effect and chance. The gun had no status, other than annoitment was a plain old pistol.

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Your status effect and dmg is still boosted, so you can throw a grenade or shoot the barrel.

Oh, I checked it and it says weapon so could be useless. It’s all RNG.