Anointed Quest/Challenge rewards?

Yo, been wondering if the 4th week event affects Quest and Challenge rewards?
Thinking about getting anointed Bekahs/Lyudas.

It does!

Got my bekah last night and it wasnt anointed

That just means you were unlucky. There is most definitely a higher chance to get an anointed Lyuda or Bekah.

I got an annointed version of the Sniper Rifle from the Side Quest in Lectra City in the underground tunnels before the event started, so really you can always get annointed versions of probably any quest item.

Just did circle of slaughter

9 legendaries, one was anointed.

I’ve spent about 6hrs farming and I have seen out of at least 30 legendaries, 2 that were anointed.

Yes I have the micro patch.

Is anyone having this horrible of a time?

I’m getting a ton of anointed guns, just not legendary. It’s getting discouraging.

It might be RnG , on 9 legendaries yesterday 6 were anointed