Anointed quest rewards post patch #2

Firstly apologies for the new thread. I did a search and there were several, all from last year. I determined that a new thread specifically post patch #2 was needed in the hope that GB sees it as current and actions it.

Quest rewards are now scaling to Mayhem 10 and this is nothing but a good thing. However, as has been asked for in many other threads in the past, we need them to come anointed for use at the new Mayhem 10 difficulty setting. It is so disappointing to get a unique weapon at M10 that would be viable if only it had a usable anointment on it.

Gearbox (@Noelle_GBX please pass this on) will you please commit to implementing this moving forward. Also, as I understand it, there are plans to introduce a vendor for past quest rewards. Please ensure that they can be purchased with an anointment.

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Most of quest rewards in Bounty of Blood dlc is non-anointed. I would love anointed Buttplug, especially with 300/90.

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Yes, very noticeable with this DLC. Some great Jakobs weapons and all coming naked :frowning: