Anointed quest rewards

I am trying to read-only farm the following for anointed operative versions, but I cannot get them to spawn (so I can keep using them since a lot of them I like quite a bit).
I know some items can´t spawn as anointed, does anyone know if I am wasting time farming these?

Items in italics are those other people report as anointed in subsequent posts

I am turning the quest in TVHM M4 on a map to maximise the chances.

-Leech (which I gave up quickly as I cannot turn that in in Mayhem since it occurs before, but it would be good to know)
-Cold Shoulder
-Emperor´s Condiment
-Whispering ice
-Traitor´s Death
-Pa´s Rifle (likely not according to that post)
-Hand of Glory

I am also trying to farm an Ice Queen anointed, but this post said it can´t either :

anybody had luck with it?

Can be anointed.

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Thanks, I edited that in the main post!

As GrzesPL says Whispering Ice can be anointed. The rest have been confirmed to not be obtainable with an anointment.

Good to know, thanks!
Guess I can stop farming those now

Not related to your list but some quest rewards can be anointed. I have come across anointed versions of:
Cloud Kill
Redistributor (the blue quest reward)
The Boo

There have been a couple of others but I would have to go back and look.