Anointed RNG - Let's fix it!

So I think anointed adds too much RNG layers, similar to Diablo 3 ancient and such… I think this is a terrible choice.

I suggest a medium for paying Eridium or a new currency to add or alter anointed items!

I hope this gets stickied and seen by the right people, because I feel like this is a really reasonable suggestion.

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Yeah, I like the general premise of Anointments though In my opinion no anointment should make a Build, there is already a bunch of RNG going on with finding your right Legendaries, Class Mods Rolls etc.

Anointments seem to be too impactful as of right now ^^ (for some VH’s)

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Currency/resources should not be used to upgrade gear. Eridium drops, or farming, are not fun or exciting, ever, gear drops are. Anointments are not too rare from general sources but I think there needs to be specific endgame content that rewards anointed gear at a significantly increased rate, if not 100%. Endgame content like trials, circle, and raids should be the most rewarding content in the game. I think trials should reward guaranteed legendary gear with a really high chance to be anointed.

tldr: it’s a problem with loot sources, give endgame content endgame loot.


Yea. I just think anointed is a layer of RNG that hurts borderlands 3 endgame. Badly.

We could have a vendor that “consumes” anointed gear and lets you use the prefix on gear you already have. Similar to the cube in diablo 3.

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I think that extra layer of RNG is actually good in this case, having anointments as the gap between good gear(legendaries) and great gear(anointed legendaries). I think if there were better loot sources at endgame this “problem” would disappear, more endgame content with endgame quality rewards. I’m not arguing that anointed effects are ballance btw but I like them a lot.

I think any type of crafting is really harmful to looter shooters, it just doesn’t feel as rewarding. Endgame loot should be improved but definitely not with crafting.

Have you farmed in bl1 much? It’s a good example of why crafting isn’t needed, good loot from good sources is all we need.

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I’ve played countless hours on borderlands games, and several
RPGs. They are making the identical mistake that diablo 3 did with layered RNG.

I was well aware we’d have nothing to agree upon when you said anything along the lines of “more RNG is welcome”.

No. No it is not.

The other problem with a bajillion items. We have extremely limited storage… this is a major oversight.

Max bank storage needs to be 500+

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That’s a narrow interpretation of what I said. When I said “extra layer of RNG” I meant new layer, this is less RNG than bl2, and it’s not a great system unless loot quality and quantity is scaled with content, like bl1, as I mentioned. I’m very familiar with layered RNG in bl2 and bl3 is a significant improvement, mainly because of drop rates. I think part RNG on weapons should be compensated for by high drop rates from endgame content. I’m sure we can find common ground if you are interested in discussing it.

I definitely agree about the storage space, it was bad in bl2 and they managed to make it worse. For some reason they are attached to this absolutely garbage UI. It pre renders full item models which creates a completely unnecessary performance limitation for no benefit. Another area that has been getting worse since bl1.

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I totally agree upon that, though anointments shall not go as far as making a build “viable” it should add something to it, not make it. If u kinda get what I’m saying… not too good at explaining what’s in my head right now :smiley:

For Example: I have my FL4K playing with a Rakk build, now without Anointments such as my Grenade (MIRV Hex) which Regenerates 1 Grenade every time I use an Action Skill and an Anointed gear piece which grants me an extra charge of Rakk this build would be significantly weaker, close to not even being viable. (Other factors play into this though, such as the current MH3/MH problem)

Now, I farmed Graveward (mostly) to about 28k Eridium, if that isn’t saying something to you… let me tell you… it’s a lot of Graveward, and I did only get that one Grenade with that specific anointment.

Lucky it was a MIRV Hex. That alone is rare.

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