Anointed Siren Brawler Ward?

Anyone seen an anointed siren brawler ward with the 300% melee when shields are down, plus the anointed 200% melee after phase slam? I’ve been farming Graveward all week. Killed him around 200 times yesterday alone but have not come across one. Was starting to wonder if they still even existed…

They exist, I have one. What I’m really looking for is one with 100% melee damage after action skill to go with my Ties That Bind melee build.

If I have one I’ll let you know (assuming you are on Xbox). I’ll have to look in my vault. Its crazy how many anointed things I collected during farming frenzy week while searching for that shield. Lol.

Actually, I traded with @Skavenger yesterday for one. So many many thanks! It’s going to go well with this:

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Are you on ps4?

No Xbox.

He’s got the brawler ward and the face puncher…he can’t have everything :joy::joy:

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Aaaaand one just dropped with radiation resistance…after all that farming and then a trade. Lol.

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