Anointed Siren Gear

Until Bloody Harvest went live I had never seen any Phase Grasp specific Anointed Gear for the siren. Didn’t even know any existed in Borderlands 3 because 4 every 100 anointed siren weapons, shields, class mod, or artifact I had seen 99 of them were Phase Slam with 1 being Phasecast why is that? Are the drop rates /chances of seeing them in the veteran/eridium vending machine so low that it’s a 1 in 1000 chance to see that gear. And on a side note I really wish you would add some Hyperian Pistols and Assault Rifles in Borderlands 3 so I can use them on my Gunner, Beastmaster, and possibly my Operative.

Phasegrasp gear exist, the buffs just suck.