Anointed...SUCK during Events

Let me start by saying normally on Mayhem 3 I don’t have issues with the Anointed. I typically get one of them per battle. Which seems fair, sort of. They are there to add difficulty to the game at higher levels, and I accept that.

However, these Angry Teletubbies on steroids do not need to spawn in 4 at a time, or as the support in a boss fight!!!

Last night I figured I would make a few runs at Mouthpiece in this weeks Boss Fight Event. I Fast Travel over to Ascension Bluff, jump in vehicle, and make my way to the Holy Broadcast Center. At the gate I get out and start my brisk run towards the Broadcast Center. No sooner do I get to the cargo containers up the hill and I start getting purple energy balls flying at me. So I hang back and switch out to a sniper rifle with a high zoom scope so I can see what I am dealing with. Two of the normal Anointed that look like Billy Zane from the Phantom. Two of the Anointed Tink’s that change size and seriously look like Angry Teletubbies. They are like dogs with a bone and will follow you to hell and back. And if that wasn’t bad enough, two of the Rocket Bandits, that just do not f’n miss. And they have both Armor and Shields. After many deaths I finally took them all out, thankfully 4 or 5 Legendary Weapons popped up from that battle.

So I continue on pushing forward to Mouthpiece. Inside the Broadcast Center all of the rest of the battles were like a hot knife through butter, no issues. I stop at the Save Point just before Mouthpiece, and hit the Ammo Vending to restock. I drop in to the battle with Mouthpiece. The minute I drop in, Mouthpiece drops in, but not alone. He has about ten normal Tink’s with him, and two more of the Angry Teletubby Anointed with him. SERIOUSLY!?!?! Lets throw some Anointed in on a Boss Fight? Thankfully I was able to take down Mouthpiece in short order. But before I could nab the 4 Legendary he dropped I got taken out by the Anointed. Took me 3 respawns to finally kill everything left before I could finish the area.

I reloaded and farmed Mouthpiece another 4 or 5 times. Every time he had a Legendary drop of one or more items. But not the weapon for the event. I did however get an insanely good pistol that has 115 rounds and insane fire rate. Used it on Mouthpiece and took him down in half the time I was with my other weapons.

My point to all of this…Anointed regardless of when or where do not need to be more than one. They are seriously harder to deal with than ANY boss in the game. Does anyone know of any weapon that makes them easier to deal with? I have googled it but didn’t find any hard answer or solution to making them easier to deal with.

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If you haven’t already, and the situation is too problematic just switch the difficulty from normal to easy for those fights. What you were describing would be my idea of fun though.

Thanks. But I am not looking to make it “easier”. I like that Borderlands 3 is challenging at the higher difficulty. Just think it is BS to have to fight multiple Anointed in a single battle when they are harder to take down then a Boss. And the worst part is they rarely ever pay out for the trouble. I think I have only had a handful of them ever give me a Legendary Weapon.

It would be nice if I new what weapons worked best against them. One article that I read suggested using a variety of the elemental weapons on them…if that is the case I would prefer that they brought back Slag Weapons, at least then you knew what you needed to defeat enemies.

They used to rain legendaries since last week but with the latest hotfixes they gutted the legendary drop rates.

I think it would really help if the annointed didn’t teleport around. They have a way of making themselves your top priority by literally appearing right next to you, makes it problematic when there’s several constantly surrounding you and going through their moves that require focus to counter. When I’m fighting the annointed zealots for instance and an annointed maniac appears, the maniac does a lot more damage up close so I want to kill him first. But averting my attention from the zealot lets him throw his big orb at me, which I can’t do anything about because I didn’t have a chance to see it.