Anointed weapons after update

It’s me or there’s less anointed weapons around after the last update?
I’ve done 2 slaughter matches with a lot of standard 57 weapons but very few anointed


yes anoint dop rate is low compared to before patch

So I think it’s better wait to sell good lvl 53 anointed weapons

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Mayhem 3/4? Just curious as it matters

So I’m not crazy. I noticed that as well. Level 57 M4 farming the Warden.

M4 TTD 10 attempts - 3 annointed guns and 1 shield… Had god roll redi in there but bc of this, not annointed…

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The Takedown event is not dropping anointed loot like yesterday. SS as well was sparse.

Yes, they nerfed the annointed drop rate (by mistake); So the TakeDown Shakedown buffs the drops rates but now you just won’t get hardly any anoints.

Might try restart…

Drop rate feels much better now

just restarted as well doing a run of m4 scaled to one player takedown

I had 10 legenary guns drop in Tentacles none with anoints. Even most greens weren’t anointed. But resetting seemed to fix the anoint rate.

Maybe there was an updated hotfix? This was Mayhem 4 on PS4 btw.

i’m still blazing through M4 with my anointed infinity…

anointments are broken… but i hope mayhem 2.0 will fix this game…

anointed just added an other layer to the chaos! nobody ever uses (or flat out ignore) white, green and most blue items.

purple ones are somewhat decent but quickly outdone by any legendary…

and then there’s the crapload of legendaries… finding one without an anointment means it’s vendortrash plain and simple

I had a sickle lvl 53 anointed… Now I have a sickle lvl 57 standard and is great. Not all standard are garbage.
However with mayhem 2.0 we have to farm all again… So isn’t a big issue at the moment.

I’m playing through the new DLC story, and I’ve gotten 7 or 8 legendaries to drop so far and none have been annointed.

Yeah, annointement drop rate is few and far between right now.

Am I the only one to be highly disapointed in the drop rate of the DLC so far?

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2 minuits in with zane and it dropped the new sniper… anointed! 100% cryo xD

also found the anarchy shotgun allready :slight_smile:

Just finish the DLCs and stop playing the game for a while. Not worth spending hundreds of hours farming anoints with nerfed drop rates, just to see another level cap increase coming the following week and having all your gear underleveled.

Farming now isn’t ideal, but not for a further level increase… But for the mahyem 2.0 system, because will be similar to the OP levels of borderlands 2. With new level weapons for every level of difficulty.

This is unacceptable. I really really hope this was a mistake, that they will fix soon, instead of a silent decision on their part to ‘give more life to the game’… IE make you work harder for annoited gear. At this point farming anywhere near what equip/guns I had will take 100x the time. The whole shakedown event is a annoyance, for what little decent loot you get. I hope GB fixes this, I keep trying to get others to play but for every step foward they take a leap back. It sucks.