Anointed Weapons and PhaseSlam

Did anyone Else notice Anointed weapons with buffs based on Phase Slam only work with the first Action Skill and none of the other slams? But the PhaseGrasp anointed weapons work with all variations of PhaseGrasp. Is that intentional??


Yes pretty sure it’s not intentional. Phasecast anoints work with all phasecast variations

I believed it is a bug. Not sure when the dev will address this.

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Phaseslam is a fail. People just use for trigger the anointed bonus. Besides that, anointed bonus should have some sinergy with the type of the gun.

What i want to say is, anointed stuff is a cool mechanic, but the implementation need some tweak/adjustment

I think it might be intentional. If you look at the anointment bonuses, the phaseslam ones are balanced around the 35 second cd, they give more bonuses because the cd is longer than Phasecast. Activating those anointments with Fracture, which is a 28 second cd, would make it the best option by far and make all the others useless. The lower cd on fracture makes it a better option if you have other non-phaseslam anointments you want to activate

I think that it’s a bug as well. No other anointment on any of the characters does that AFAIK. If they’d fix that and decrease the bonus melee/gun damage of those anointments I’d use them from time to time. Right now the bonuses are absurd (inlcuding the Phasecast weapon damage one) and not being able to use them with Fracture makes me ignore them altogether. By stacking CDR bonuses you can get a Phaseslam cooldown of 8-10 seconds and have them activate almost 100%. Anointments should be a nice and valuable addition but not the cornerstone of a build. Right now you can use basically any white gun with those anointments and destroy everything around you. That’s boring.


So what’s the point if downfall then? Explain that to me

None really, downfall is just bad even if it could activate the anointment. I think downfall not activating is 100% a bug since it also says “followed by a slam”, but not fracture.

Also none of the other phase cast variants have a faster cd than the normal one. Same for Phasegrasp

All of the phasecast variants work with the phasecast anointment tho that was my point it’s most likely just bugged and intended to work with all Phaseslam variants.

Heck the 200% melee after Phaseslam doesn’t work half the time surely that’s not intended either?

Are you positive? I am pretty sure they work with downfall. I tested it the with dot damage on a boss …with dragon relic.

Yeh I never tested downfall tbh, I think it should work and if it doesn’t it’s bugged. I can see why fracture wouldn’t though.

The 200% melee not always working is also a bug but it’s unrelated. The game obviously has bugs here and there but I wouldn’t say fracture not giving the anointment bonuses is 100% a bug. If it worked with the phaseslam anointments it would be the best thing to use in any situation due to the lower cd, that wouldn’t help with build diversity which seems to be what matters the most to the developers.

@Colossum3 No it would not as with the current set up without abusing any cooldown stacking glitches already you can get phasedown cooldown within 2 seconds of fracture.

(Without cooldown glitching, simply running a cooldown bonus on my relic and shield along with 5 in restless, my Phaseslam cooldown is within 2 seconds of fractures, and I’m sure it will be even closer if I had a +31% cooldown on my breaker mod) due to how the scaling works cooldown reduction isn’t linear and skills with longer cooldowns get w much bigger boost than those with shorter CD (And yes this 2 seconds is with fracture getting the exact same reductions applied)

Also phaseslam consistently gets me 5 stacks of samsara while fracture never gets more than one and Phaseslam does a lot more damage than fracture and hits a lot more enemies (the numbers don’t show that much Moreno but when you add in jab cross wnr do harm it’s not that much more)

You’re saying Phaseslam should get all those benefits and 300% weapon damage bonuses just for a 2 second longer cooldown then fracture? Come on man

It’s 7 seconds longer. Of course you can get phaseslam close to or faster to the cd of fracture if you add cd bonuses (my cd is currently 21 seconds), but in order to do so you have to spec and gear for it, meaning you lose out on other stats, plus if you did the same using fracture it would still be much quicker than phaseslam.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they patch it. I’d be really happy if they did tbh since I would love having 300% weapon damage, 200%melee, 40% dmg reduction, 38% accuracy and 27% crit up 24/7, but I don’t see that happening.

Did you read my post? I specifically mentioned that this 2 second difference is when both Phaseslam and fracture has all these exact same cooldown buffs appliedZ

And spec into it? Remove restless and leave the other 2 boosts and it’s a 3 second difference. Find a cdr on your mod and it’s back to a 2 second difference (which other then melee damage what else would you want on your mod?) and “having the gear for it” really doesn’t make sense as it’s much harder to get good anointed Phaseslam gear to begin with :upside_down_face:

As I’ve said there’s no plausible reason why it shouldn’t work with fracture other than them
Missing that and your response to downfall shows that. You basically admitted that skill has no use whatsoever in this game.

Yeh sorry didn’t get that part, a bit late here. Not sure if it’s not working with downfall because I haven’t tested it and @moehoops1 said it was working for him. What I’m saying is that if you give phaseslam 300% weapon damage and phase cast 250%, it’s because of their cd difference. Fracture has a 28 second cd, just like phase cast, meaning that it would be by definition overpowered in terms of their cd/anointment calculations. If fracture could proc the anointments it would be my first choice 100% of the time, simply due to the lower cd.

Now we can argue about whether it’s bugged or not, but we don’t know and we’ll just have to wait until a few patches have gone through. (Although after 3 hot fixes I feel like something that obvious already would have been fixed)

It does NOT work for downfall. And why doesn’t tandava with its 35 second cooldown get a 300% instead of 250% like the others that have a 28 second cooldown?

I have already explained the plethora of advantages Phaseslam has over fracture but if you want to completely ignore that then so be it. Have you used fracture? Even if the anointment worked with it there’s almost no reason to use It over Phaseslam. Phaseslam gives you 5 stacks of samsara consistently (resulting in 25% gun damage and the Heth claims 25% of max health per second but from my testing it’s more like 10-15%) boosts that fracture doesn’t get because no matter how much enemies fracture hits it only gives one stack. That and Phaseslam doing way more damage than fracture

“Something that obvious would be fixed” - you must not have a clue with the amount of bugs on each character that haven’t been fixed yet… :sweat_smile: this won’t be anywhere near the top of the list with the amount of ■■■■ that’s wrong and skills that do nothing

I don’t want to keep repeating what I said. I see your point about samsara, personally I think the anointments +40% damage reduce +27% crit and accuracy up more often > more samsara stacks anyday. The animation length from phaseslam is more likely to get you killed/ reduce your dps than the measly 25% gun damage and hp regen you ALWAYS get from samsara with phaseslam, since OFC you ALWAYS find 5 enemies to use it on when the cd ends. I would use fracture anytime over it, I think a lot of other people would, but hey, that’s just me. Now, fracture only giving 1 samsara max sounds more like a bug to me.

Anyways I feel like we are getting off-topic. I was just trying to give a logical answer to why they might not apply to fracture apart from the usual OMFG PLZ FIX GEARBOX.

You do not take damage while using
Phaseslam during the animation… your thinking about downfall again sigh.

Anyway you provided no actual legitimate reason as to why anointments shouldn’t work with fracture but fair enough. Please don’t fix gearbox because of some theoretical cooldown difference that in practice is completely negligable and allow fracture and downfall to continue to be completely useless.

The bigger picture is them rolling this game out with the worst action skills or every borderlands game thus far but advertising you get “3 action skills” they probably were well aware how bad the blue and green tree action skills were that they had to shove huge damage boosts on them to make them have any use.