Anointed week was ruined by Bloody Harvest

… and I preferred anointed week, to be honest.

Can we have another week of increased anointed drops after this event ends?

I saw this topic yesterday, but it seems to have been locked or moved or something. This is a major concern and needs to be it’s own topic.

I don’t want “terrified” anointments, so the week was wasted. I was looking forward to farming, but there is zero point (or vault space!) for anointed perks that aren’t useful after a month.


Not sure where you get this from, it’s been widely reported that the Terror element will persist after the event, therefore they wouldn’t change in usefulness.

Reported by who?

I had to dig to find any info and all I found was a poorly written article that mentions that the buffs could stick around, if you manage to keep a shield that applies terror to yourself.

Even if this is true, who has vault space to work on these builds? Who wants the stupid screen glow? Who wants a badass vault hunter that scares themselves to get buffs?

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LOL…it does sound really stupid when you put it like that.

I would love to see that build but seeing it typed out, it does sound really silly. Imagine pitching that idea?

All legendaries I’m farming have terror anointed stats, it’s now boring and useless to farm for weapons! In the last 2 days I farmed around 30 legendaries, give or take, and they are all terror anointed, it’s a damn plague!

Honestly I cant believe the threads here and on reddit arent full of topics on this issue. Some gamers are pricks. I get it. However, most gamers just want a developer to give it to them straight.

Telling us that we would have a week of better anointed drops and then adding in this Halloween event THROUGHT THE ENTIRE GAME was blatant ■■■■■■■■. I’ve been farming slaughter shaft everyday for the past week and I guarantee the 90 percent, NINETY, of the drops were terror.

In my opinion if gearbox wanted to show some good faith, they’ll give us another anointed drop chance week after the halloween event. I’d even be happy with a weekend.