Anointed Zealot way too powerful and frequent!

This latest update has made the bad guy Anointed Zealot way too powerful and way too frequent. This guy throws so many orbs and they follow you everywhere it’s nearly impossible to beat on your own. Then after you spend an hour trying to beat one of the them as soon as the story continues you are met by another one. These guys are just as or way more stronger than any boss. This is ridiculous! They are everywhere. I got to the point where I just stop playing the game because it became overkill and un-enjoyable.
Please fix this character. I play as a level 50 with a level one.


ran into one spot, it had 4 anointed zealots, was like wtf man. they were all zipping around the screen, and i couldn’t pin them down at all.

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They are a bit too OP and a pain to kill especially when you get more than 1 that spawns on a mission that makes you clear out an area.
The same can be said about some of those rocket spamming badasses that almost down you instantly with there nonstop rockets attacks having 2 or more of those guys at once makes it almost impossible to line up a shot…

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Normally the annointed complaints are about the militiant.

The announted can be annoying. However my issue would be Billy the annointed Goliath. Not only does he have the gull to have the name of my little (but taller) brother, but he has a real attitude problem (like my older brother) and likes to teleport into a completely different room while I try to beat some sense into him. Heck one day he teleported into the room with the slot machine and got stuck on said machine. So now he has a gambling problem like my cousin.


Nice read :slight_smile:

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RNG and it bent me over as well.

I went to Kondrads Hold and one of the spawn points had 2 Rocket men, 3 Annoited (2 zealot and 1 tank) and 1 big guy with another small guy sitting on his shoulders. Thats SIX opponents who are hard on their own in one spot already.

Needless to say I died…a LOT. Going down you have no chance to get back up because every available enemy in range has a gazillion hitpoints and/or armor/shield and simply peeking out of cover leaves you with a sliver of health or in second wind. I had to whittle them down but thats not so easy when you have a small area packed with enemies who move around randomly, an agressive enemy fire that can obliterate you in a second and most of your effort going into staying alive and timing your potshots.

I think I spent TWO hours on that spot. It was frustrating from the start but at some point my stubborness kicked in and I wanted to see this through. Well, thank god there isnt gear decay in this or I would ve had to repair my stuff multiple times.

I m aware this was an extreme situation. RNG is responsible for it and at some level I even “enjoyed the challenge” but lets be frank…I m really glad that this is an exception and not the norm :slight_smile:

The annoited by themselves are not really too hard. First off their damage output is laughable or at least easily avoidable. A single annoitment doesnt represent any kind of difficulty IMO (also the reason why I ignore them and kill off regular Mobs first…they hurt more) but their utility can be extreme.

Reflect shields, immunity phases, teleporting, protecting other enemies, forcing you into cover. they are real effectve roadblocks. Annoying for the most part but put enough of them back to back and the journey becomes sheer frustration and anger :slight_smile: