Anointment 5% WD and Reload; does it cap?

“Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks.“

Anyone know if this anointment has a cap, and if so, what does it cap at? I know it isn’t great by any means and you can only rack up so many kills within 25 seconds, but I’ve been curious about it and can’t find an answer. I’ve been using a Night Hawkin with this with Amara (100% ASE eludes me!) and it absolutely melts everything.

The only place we could test out max stacks would be the scraptrap battle; even then i cant say the numbers would be as helpful due to kill skills; would be great if we had a visual indication of anointments but i dont see that happening any time soon


It absolutely wrecks the Scraps! It’s what got me curious in the first place, but I’ve no idea how to get reliable numbers for it.

1 would have to respec without any kill skills and only rely on the annointment; leaves the character quite vulnerable to prime - though it could be done… if i had a recursion with this i would test it myself

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I don’t have the eyesight for it myself, especially running it on XBox 1. That, and I’m not sure where to see the current stack count (is there even a visual?).

Regardless, it’ll do until I eventually get ahold of a Night Hawkin 100% ASE … RNGeezus hates me.

Photo mode is your friend while solo… only have to turn the damage numbers on @ a per session basis; as far as i know there are no visuals - but from what i gather it matches moze’ phalanx doctrine skill; which ive seen go up to 37 stacks in that battle

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I have really bad vision. Even with glasses, I find myself straining to see six feet from the tv :confused: I just pewpew until everything is dead lol