Anointment Clarification: ASA 200% v 75% Bosses

Am I missing something? What’s the point of the Action Skill Active (ASA) +75% weapon damage against Badass, Named, and Bosses? Why did they add this AND ASA +200% weapon damage?

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Bad design all the way? Nothing new under the sun here, that’s just the new normal

Honestly the anointment system needs more clarity. Some stuff is multiplicitive, others additive, others only work right when you start the action skill with the gun out and don’t work when swapping to it. I get the idea of keeping the card simple, but additional tooltips or an in game menu desperately need to exist. For example, if the 75% is multiplicitive, it’s gonna do more than the 200% because the 200% is additive.


it has to do with what type of dmg boost it is for example

100% rakk hit dmg is better than 100% asa because of when the dmg boost comes into formula. you have to understand which parts are additive and multiplicative it is a big fat bad design overall but what you gonna do about it. just check the damage formulas and learn about v1 and v2 type damage boosts.

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is it multiplicative? I was wondering that myself, not many ways to test this crap, the handsome jack dummy is insufficient I guess I’ll have to pay a visit to Coco Chantelle

75% vs BA is extra kinetic element (the same as ASE 125% vs BA). ASA 200% is additive to other weapon dmg iirc.


Thank you for the replies, guess I need to hit the books then. I don’t know about the rest of the player community, but game systems that require the user to do extensive testing and/or research above and beyond normal game play is just bad by design. Either the aspects of the system need to be clarified and well documented within the game, or the mechanics need to be reworked and streamlined.

I’m not talking about dumbing down the game to the point where choice is irrelevant, though in many ways that’s already the case due to other issues. I mean a player should be able to look at two items and have a general understanding of how they work and will impact their character, without having to pour over countless threads and COMMUNITY created content.

I am thankful for the amazing community we have, and the people who put in hours, days, months of their time to help distill the hidden mechanics. But they should not have had do so. People shouldn’t have to pour over source code and data tables to understand how things work.

There’s optimization, min-maxing, meta, whatever; that should require hours of experience and testing and playing. But I shouldn’t have to take a brief lesson in algebra to understand how these hidden numbers, like v1, v2, elemental, etc. work. Just making the Jack Dummy respond to damage correctly, and adding a couple other options for shield, armor, whatever combos, would be sufficient.

Like many gamers, I grew up on D&D. While it’s not perfect, it and its kin are fairly simple to understand. Despite having more complexity than this game, the mechanics are simple and straight forward. There are optimized builds, OP builds, and stuff that just doesn’t seem to work. But it’s easy to determine how damage works, where bonuses come from, what is and isn’t added, multiplied, etc.

Sadly, when I request clarification from the company on how certain elements of this game work, I’m told to check the community posts. It’s hard to respect a company that can’t be bothered to answer questions about their own game.

Just more evidence GBX needs to clean up the anoint system and work on game balance and feedback. Telling players to stop playing the game and do homework to find out how to play the the game is bad service.

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I’m not so sure about that. Some of those game systems can be daunting, especially to newcomers. In a game like Borderlands, at least you can just go out and shoot stuff to find out how well it works.

They could have done more to explain some of the mechanics of the game in-game. For example, Marcus’ quests in Borderlands 2 Sanctuary do a nice job of explaining elemental damage and how some elements work better against certain enemies than others. I don’t recall this in Borderlands 3 though, in their defense, this is the fourth game in a series where such mechanics have featured prominently in gameplay.


That’s fair, some are quite daunting. But all the information is available to the player. I have friends who make their D&D characters based on “who gets the coolest pet”, and they don’t worry about anything else. But D&D also has a DM who can guide the players and story to ensure everyone feels effective. Borderlands doesn’t have that benefit, so it’s important to provide more feedback and information.

For example, well first off actually, they should have implemented a smart loot system that ensures anointments and items aren’t paired into useless or detrimental combinations. Fixing that would improve the quality of drops substantially.

Then, they could add a details section to the item card, either as a scroll-down, tab, or whatever. That details section could read “When you Activate an Action Skill while holding this weapon, it deals an additional 75% weapon damage as kinetic, against Badass, Named, and Boss enemies while that Action Skill is Active. If the action skill ends, you switch weapons, enter FFYL, or unequip the weapon, the bonus damage is lost.”
Or words to that effect. Oh and make sure enemies such as Wotan are included.

Yeah, that was great way to introduce those game elements (pun intended) to new players, as well as the slag mechanic to returning players.

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