Anointment comparisons

So, we all know that the anointment system is full of problems, including how many anointments do more damage than the weapons they’re attached to, but the biggest one seems to be that gearbox genuinely thinks that bonuses such as fire rate and reload speed can compete with damage increases. In my mind, these aren’t competitive, but they should be - every anointment should be useful enough that it’s a hard choice between them if used well - but I want to know what other people would pick.
So, make your choices below and we’ll see which anointments hold up and which need work.

Damage bonus
  • 100% direct damage
  • 100% elemental damage

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Crit or no crit (as it is, in the game)
  • 100% gun damage
  • 50% critical damage (at most)

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Crit or no crit (as it should be, IMO)
  • 100% gun damage
  • 115% critical damage

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Other benefits (as they are in the game)
  • 100% damage
  • 75% status effect chance and damage
  • 70% critical damage + 60% accuracy
  • 9% fire rate + 23% reload speed
  • 71% faster charge time + 12% fire rate
  • 20% damage reduction + 12% movement speed
  • 33% reload speed + 67% handling
  • 200% accuracy and handling
  • 30% life steal
  • 5% health regen
  • 30% less action skill cooldown
  • +1 grenade ammo
  • Instant reload
  • 12% ammo regen
  • 15% movement speed
  • 100% projectile speed

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If there were no damage buffs, which type of anointment would you probably pick

General effects
  • Status effect chance
  • Fire rate
  • Damage reduction
  • Movement speed
  • Life steal
  • Health regen
  • Accuracy and/or handling
  • Reload speed
  • Action skill cooldown
  • Ammo regen
  • Projectile speed

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And feel free to comment with your favourite anointments. Either in general or per VH, or per skill tree/action skill.

anointments broke the game and the allready broken difficulty scaling…

if they would ditch weapon scaling and reduce anointment drop rate (drastically) they would actualy fix this mess…

just think about it… difficulty scaling actualy means something and anointments are hard to come by but do enable you to climb into higher difficulty…

nobody gets left behind… as nothing will change appart from the mayhem level you are able to play at…


no anointments

also WHAT?

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So, we got some new anoints in the latest patch, and they seem to be either +100% action skill damage OR +100% gun damage while action skill active. Seems great for Iron Bear in particular.
So, what do people think?

  • All the new anoints are good
  • All the new anoints are crap
  • Only the action skill damage anoints are good
  • Only the gun damage ASA anoints are good

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Also, comparing the new specific ASA anoints to the old universal one, how are people finding it?

  • The 100% specific is better than the 200% universal
  • The 100% specific is as good as the 200% universal
  • The specific one needs to be raised to 200%, like the universal one
  • The specific one needs to be raised above the universal one, EG to 225%

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The damage during action skill ones are all just strictly inferior to 200ASA and CH for gun damage.

The action skill ones are neat, but they didn’t need to be 10 separate anoints. A general action skill damage anoint akin to the 25% OGT would’ve accomplished the same thing with far less clutter of the anointment pool.

Because of that, I’d say they’re all crap even though the action skill anoints are powerful. They just don’t need to exist (and that’s besides the fact that most of the action skills that received damage anoints are already stupidly powerful without it or benefit more from 300/90).


There’s just too many anointments that do too many specific and often redundant or worthless things. They need to really take an axe to this and slash and merge anointments. Nothing is worse than getting an anointment that is undesirable or worthless to your character or even specific character build.

There shouldn’t be a different anoint for each element for example, it should be element damage with a way that lets you customize the specific element as you see fit.

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I would like the idea that for every month GB would make a poll asking “what anointments to be kicked out or buffed” based on their data about least used anointments. Then these would be deleted or fixed from the loot pool during the next patch.

This would increase dynamic conversation between Devs and the community with easily interpreted data.

Remember those airborne / slide anointments? Deleting them was widely rejoiced in the community!

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They need to do a few things here.

  1. Condense all the Moze ones to a single IB weapon anointment. I legit do not understand why they would make a separate one for each, that just seems like a more work.

  2. Raise the damage, by a lot. They keep saying they want people to experiment with different playstyles, but if an existing anointment already offers greater damage, most people will ignore these ones.

  3. Remove some more anointments from the pool. There are quite a few crap anointments that they didn’t remove with the previous patch

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Again, difficulty scaling should be fixed (no mod mayhem)

And anointments need to be removed or get a HUGE overhaul…

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I don 't understand why the Dev’s added new anoints in the game , the late game is so bad they put more difficulties to farm of this game , it’s already impossible to get what you want and now it’s even more worse … they know the issue with anoints right ? So why ? I really don’t understand the Dev’s

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Like I said, either remove anointments or make the FAR less impactful…

Just think about it :wink:

Mayhem scaling stays the way it is now, weapon scaling gets removed, anointments are a thing of the past or get reworked…

Only thing that matters much in end game is drop rates… After playing M11 that isn’t even a problem…

Weapon parts could be so much more then just the (useless) crap they are now…
Just imagine finding a gun and changing its parts? There, even better then random anointments that just double/triple your damage in the most boring way…

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Really depends on the character. For instance, 100% gun damage on Amara is a very significant boost whereas 100% gun damage on Zane likely isn’t gonna make a significant impact.