Anointment Drop Issues and How to fix it -

I have been using the Xbox Club for trades and groups. But joined because i wanted your feedback -

I read the posts here, most complaints are about drop rates, anointment drops, etc.

IMHO i feel GB did this to themselves and was caught off guard by the outcome. What i am saying is that maybe the drop rates are not as bad as they first appear and have more to do with the junk that drops which dilutes the pool so badly in could take thousands of hours to ever get the drop you want. Look at redistributors and some other popular weapons with anointment as an example, i have traded with more then 15 people who all offer me redistributors, i take them to compare and find it is the same one i already have in most cases. So people are trading and making copies rather than farm them. I meet a guy in the Xbox groups last night that appeared to have everything you could want in lv 53, he said he never farms, he traded for it all. To me personally while trading is a fun part of the game, it is getting out of hand like it did in BL2. Everyday i see posts on the xbox club asking for loot drops. That takes away all the fun of playing and finding that weapon on your own. Imagine how stoked i was when i finally got a lv 53 Cutsman SNTL from Gigmind.

So how can GB fix the issue and keep this game from being BL2, where coping, modding ran rampant and no one farmed like the game is meant to be.
Start by getting rid of the very things they themselves put into the loot pools that severely dilute the loot pool. Who hasn’t done a 2 hour farming run and come away with 12-15 skin, trinket items. They drop far too often and dilute the pool. Get rid of them.

Now fix anointment’s so they drop where they should, and don’t drop on weapons they do not belong. We all see this and don’t even pick them up.

*ASE ele chance increased on a weapon without elemental - Waste on non elemental guns
*Consecutive hits add 1% dam - Waste on Launchers, shotguns, etc, only viable on SMG, AR, you loose the benefit while reloading
*There are far more then i have time to add here, but you get the idea. List the ones that bother you here. How about increasing the chance of getting the anointment’s your character can use.


Agreed. Troll anoints are ridiculous. Reload on an infinity? Lol. Consecutive hits on a one-pump?! Man. Two days ago I killed graveward M4 only to get t two skins and two trinkets. FFS.

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Great post and agree it would make the chance of getting an annointed piece of gear much better.

I thought about getting into a group of people that trade things, but after hearing about the copying that’s going on I decided, uh, no. Then I see people selling gear online, huh?! There’s no way I would trade or buy something offline that you can get in the game, if for no other reason than potentially making my game or account in violation of GB’s TOS.

I hope GB sees your post and can act on the changes you suggest.


This 100%. Though Id love the option to say increase anoints for active vault hunter and increase anoints for other VH so I can farm with my geared up main for my alts.

Got an ammo regen and clone switch reload hellwalkers yesterday.

Also Id love if they scrapped useless anoints like while airborne. Though my guess is some sort of jetpack hoverboot thing is planned for a dlc which would make these viable.

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Yup, I agree with it all, I’ve been farming the wedding invitation split screen with my alt account using fl4k on both, for ase +100% dmg and I’ve gotten more anoints for mostly moze and zane but amara to than I have for fl4k.

As for trading, I’m happy to trade with people I play with ( which is only 3 friends who rarely play anymore or the odd time I jump into the takedown with match making) but i never got into coming on forums and asking for something, not that it bothers me that people are doing it.

But wat does bother me a lil is the copying, like trade away but they should still have to earn the item they trade. To me it takes away the value of the item, the play and the game in general.

Which when you bring money into it and to realise people are profiting off something that should be free is just silly to me.

And something I’ve also started to notice is streamers with trading discord chats which is fine if there wasnt copying but even more so they leave copies of their save files for viewers on PC. Which I believe they are doing to get more viewers because they cant come up with content, cause of the lack of endgame content in the game itself but that’s an issue for another forum😅

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@nfann1990. If you are Xbox and have siren anoint wedding invitation, I’d happily swap for my 100%ase. :smiley:

Thanks for the offer but I’m on ps4 unfortunately, Im pretty sure I do have a 250% dmg siren doh, but I got 1 with a 50% shock anoint that is working pretty well with shields, so I’m thinking of sticking wit it and maybe farm for a shield with the 100% dmg anoint :blush:

Arrrrrgh!!! The 250 wed inv is what im desperate for! Thanks for the reply though.

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So true. The data is obvious…

I want a build focused rather than farming focused game.

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The solution to Anointments is super simple: allow them to be either re-rolled or outright purchased. Or, allow them to be separate items (like attached to weapon trinkets) that you can save and apply to whichever gun you choose, similar to weapon mods in destiny. Whatever they do, they need to fix this issue, because anointment farming is causing a lot of burnout and simply increasing dedicated drop rates isn’t the answer.