Anointment explanation

Hi there, I’ve been wondering how a certain anointment works: “Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% health.”

Does this mean that, say I shoot 1 bullet with 1 dmg, will I get 3 total dmg, or 4? Also, how does it affect critical hits? Will the crit modifier only affect the original 1 dmg, or will it affect the damage after the anointment modification. Just curious, since I’m thinking about a 1shot build.

Also, this is my first post. Pls notify me if I break any rules before deleting it without any warning.


You’re doing fine. I would answer you if I was sure of the answer.


Basically, this anoint will multiply all of your damage by 4 as long as an enemy is above 90% total EHP. Let’s say you have a badass tink with 3000 shield, 10,000 armor, and 7000 health for 20,000 EHP. Once that enemy reaches 1000 shield (or 18,000 EHP) you will lose the bonus.

There is more to it than that, but that covers about 90% of how this anoint works.


Wow that was new for me. What a nice move to let shields and armor count as “life”… Now I think if I go outside and somehow brake my jacket my life will be in hard danger lol

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Thx for the answers. I get it now. Kinda. I will however try some tests to see how well it works, if at all, with critical hits.

It does. It multiplies your final damage number by 4 (again, there is a bit more to it, but generally speaking), which includes your critical hit damage. It also effects melee, grenades, shield effects, and action skills with damage values.

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I’ll farm a lvl 65 mhm 10 nukem with this anointment. It’ll be fun to go and literally nuke em.

Ya if only the Nukem didn’t get left behind by power creep.
Thought I’d save you the farm time

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Big oof. Well I kinda want it, just like those little kids that want s toy they’ll never use, but thank you very much for your kindness.

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Jumping on the bandwagon here.
So @boombumr, if I am playing Zane, am spec’d into double barrel, deploy the clone while holding a 300/90 gun, and Zane continues to use that same gun while the clone is deployed, will the clone get 700% damage (100 regular gun damage, 300 from clone’s gun, and 300 from Zane’s gun) on enemies that are over 90%?

I’m pretty sure the anointments don’t apply for the clone, like boombumr said, there is more to it, bl3 is not very consistent or clear when it is related to how AS works, in this case, even clone being Zane’s AS, his damage is not Zane’s damage, even though it procs the 1% per hit anointment, see what I said about consistency?



Sorry, I should’ve been clearer.

When I said action skills with damage values, I mean actions skills that literally show damage values on the skill card: things like Rakk Attack, Phaseslam/cast/flare, Mantis cannon, etc…

Generally speaking, if the skill has a damage value on the card, it will get boosted by 300/90. This is not a consistent way to determine everything that will receive the anoint however, I just find that it encapsulates about 90% of the action skills buffed by 300/90.

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I was lucky enough to get the glorious ion cannon on lvl65 mhm10 with the 300% on 90%+ and all I have to say is that it rocks. On a moze build, all it takes is one critical hit on the boss that drops the ion cannnon to destroy the shield and one 5th of it’s life in one hit. That is if you are unlucky. If yoy are lucky, less than half health will remain after only one critical. And that’s on mhm10, on mhm0 it oneshots the boss. This is amazing. That’s the $h!t we’re talking about. I llllllike dat