Anointment Meta Problem and Solution

Anointment meta

With the release of mayhem 4 Malawian takedown and the new anointment deal 50% extra elemental damage for 10 seconds after action skill end we have entered into an anointment meta. The use of grenades and shields with this anointment is heavily advised in order to clear this content.

Why this is a problem. The action skill end proc is not equally accessible to all characters and play styles.

An example with flak. Rakk attack does the most damage out of all his play styles simply for anointment uptime. The fade away build has moved away from GITM and towards brainstormer megavore head count and keeping anointment buffs active all the time. Even the gamma burst build the move is to constant swap to a gun that has give an extra charge of rakk attack in order to proc the shield and grenade anointment.

The solution make a new anointment while an action skill is active. This will allow all characters and play styles to access the extra damage required for mayhem 4 content.


That would be so OP you might as well get rid of any other anointment.

All characters can access M4. A blanket anointment takes away the difference in classes and characters.

Moze would be insane. You can build her to have IB up rediculiously long.

Amara’s phasegrasp would be broken.

FL4K’s Rakk Attack would be over blown

Zane would be crazy hiding behind a barrier with all his anointments up.

Basically you would just stand there and shoot and it would take away any variety in the game. All builds would be around their AS. Why even try anything else?

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I feel like the current grenade and shield anointment does do that already. It gets rid of all the other grenade and shield anointments from a logical choice perspective. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself what is more worth action skill cool down ? Health regen ? 50% damage always wins.

I guess your point is other characters can’t access ASE(action skill end) damage so they choose other stuff.

My point is characters who can’t access ASE damage are unviable in the raid. I queue often for m4 takedown. It’s mostly flaks and amaras because of there access to ASE Damage. Very rarely there is a Zane or moze and once in a blue moon there is a Zane or moze who is alive at the end of the wutang fight.

I’m ok with moze and Zane Getting access to anointment damage because they are laughable. Their is a Zane solo takedown video it was tragic, it’s by deadzikes but it takes about an hour. So little damage. We might break amara more but she’s already because of her access to ASE damages because of fake grasp.

Currently the biggest issue in this game is the lack of late game viability for half the characters.

They aren’t unviable. Amara and flak are the easier characters to run in takedown. It’s what gamers gravitate to. There is a bigger problem with moze and Zane players getting kicked because they aren’t following the meta. Then they get judged harder if they die. I’ve carried plenty of Amara’s with Moze. No one will run any character except Amara if you get a bonus while ASE is active. It would make the problem worse.

I agree with OP. Amara and Flak can run pretty much ASE all the time, whereas Zane and Moze it’s a long time between drinks. Moze would still never get full uptime but it would make her mech a monster, and my Zane pretty much has one or the other action skill up at all times so it would bring him up to Amara and Flak now. But definitely still keep ASE, just run both annointment options.

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My preferred solution is much simpler than this: Reduce the damage bonus to the point where picking it isn’t a no-brainer anymore. Reducing the extra 50% to 20% or 25% might have that effect. Afterwards, if this makes high-end content such as Mayhem 4 or the takedown too difficult, tone down the difficulty of those.

Yes. This is my main complaint for annointments. Make them equally viable to all characters and playstyles. Why we dont have annoints on grenades that increase damage while action skill active. or on shields.

scrapping and down scaling is the only solution

Because there’s multiple options that give results based on your playstyle. I’m not exactly saying OP’s suggestion is the correct answer, but I’ve thought about this idea a lot as well. Maybe on action skill start for 10 seconds could be a good option as well.

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I think that the after action skill start would be a better way to do it, that is a good idea.

I’ve thought of the same idea but instead of while active it would say on activation, unless specifically for barrier, gamma burst phasegrasp, ect.
We already have a few of these just nothing as generic or versatile as ase damage buffs.