Anointment pollution has pushed me away

I stuck around after coming back and pre season pass 2 but as I have attempted to put together new builds utilizing the new skill trees and anointments I have gotten straight up tired of farming for spicific drops with one of a handful of anointments only to get anointments I don’t care for or want for turn builds for days on end. I understand we needed some new anointments for the new action skills but GBX went way overboard here.

If they are not going to do something about how hard it is to get a spicific gun with a spicific anoint then I’m likely to stop playing all together once again.

From my perspective a big part of BL3 is how you build your character. On top of the fact that Mayhem modes balanced hinges on anointments I don’t think it is good for them to keep this layered RNG system.

At minimum let us spend cash or Eridium to re roll anointments.


Just wait until the next patch.

You’ll feel better if you do.

Because Gearbox will nerf the build you were farming for, into the cold, cold, ground.

It is inevitable.

The actual gameplay of Borderlands 3 is manipulating the real life market.

You aren’t playing it.

So why be victim to it?

I wish the total number of Anoints remained static. This increase is pushing me Away also.

A sollution

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The good news is that you don’t really need annointments to destroy the game in its current state.

I gave up i could never figure it out . I tried but it just made the game worse for me instead i quit playing.

For me it was the last drop :sweat_smile:

And I’ve seen this coming since they announced the new skilltrees…

I wish I was wrong but here we are… Often I had a hunch of things going wrong and pretty much every one of those hunches where right on the money.

Community has been asking for a fix to annoitments since they came out …
There isn’t a point to dedicated drops when. Annointments are full rng.
Annointments are so strong they surpass the specific gear
Too many annointments… Too few of them are worthwhile
Too many annointments that don’t work (e.g. weapons swap looses annoint)
Annointments have killed the joy of legendary drops
Annointments should be transferable/reroll/replaceable
Annointments should be small bonuses not mandatory

Gearbox has addressed none of these… They removed some of the bad ones… Sure but the. Added that many more…

The awful, sad, frustrating, annoying …(add your own adjective here) loot system has killed the enjoyment of the game. I love how many guns can be fun… I hate annointments.


Listen, this is probably all in my head but I think the reason anointments haven’t been removed or extremely cut down on is because it’s what we have to chase.

BL3’s shift in focus to endgame over replayability means if anointments were removed, there’d be much less to do in the game. Though what that is is meaningless padding.

I like how you people fearmonger about Gearbox nerfing builds and weapons to the ground, but in reality they have been grossly buffing everything to oblivion for MONTHS now.


It’s like there are a bunch of trees that you’re literally tripping over, trying to make heads or tails of what Google Maps means by the word “forest”, decrying Tom Hanks and Namco as frauds.

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What if … they just stopped putting nerf details in the patch notes but list all buffs? Its what fake news would do.

you know they have not done it though wtf

Note the “what if” part …

Apologies if I made you think for a second, I can understand and empathize with you in wanting to believe that GB would never ninja nerf an item or two or three, but having the thought and simply contemplating the possibility doesn’t warrant a “wtf” imo … just sayin’

no they could but we’d find it very quickly therefore they won’t do it. there is no ninja nerfing in a game with so many nerds.


Welcome to The Grind. Stale, cold, flavorless grind.

“Anointment Pollution” is already a tad redundant.

Probably the best one