Anointment Question

I have noticed often I will get a weapon with an anointment.
The anointment type will say for example “Anointed Siren”
The actual anointment will be “+50% Radiation on weapons for 25 seconds”

So, the anointment is one of the regualr, non-VH anointment, but the anointment type is dedicated to one VH type?

I have seen this happen on multiple occasions.
This stuck with me yesterday as I was farming Laser Sploders and got a Cryo one I wanted to give to my Zane. But I read the anointment type and now need to test if it will work with him or not.

Does anybody know if the regular anointments work if the anointment type is tied to a VH type?


There is no bonus like this.

I was just going from memory, which is not the best at my age.
But basically it is a Rad bonus after ASE

I do wish I could look things up on my computer but I play on console.

Either way, it is the basic Rad bonus after ASE.
To me it should have just said Anointed as the type, not Anointed Siren.

Found the actual anointment: “+20% radiation damage after action skill end”
After more research I guess this is dedicated strictly for Siren. So close to so many others why in the world is this locked strictly for Siren?
To me this should just be a standard “Anointed”

The +20% rad damage is pre-hotfix, but in game it did +40%. Now the card says +75%, but I’m not sure if it does that value in game.
So yeah, +75% radiation is Siren only, and +50% (random element) is general one.

It’s still 40%, nothing has changed

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