Anointment Upkeep Rakk Attack Fl4k

I’ve been using a rakk build that’s focused on cdr that is for upkeeping your anointments and I love it. The build is straightforward with a bunch of health regen and just keeps that +100% weapon damage going.

Deadeye COM for mobbing

Bounty Hunter COM for bossing

Stop-Gap Shield and last stand relic to be able to take the heat

All the 100% on action skill end or damaged by rakk attack take 50% more anointments

Shock Hex is a great grenade for shield stripping and taking down multiple small mobs

Spiderant Scorcher pet is a great choice for more damage and health regen

Mad props to Bobbypick for showing me the light

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Nice! I’ve been planning most of my builds around the +50% anointment, since I assume it’s multiplicative like Power Inside. Stacking the 2 is surely quite devastating!

I had the same idea but I’ve started to prefer the +100% weapon damage anointments recently since that meant I didn’t have to throw my rakk out as often letting me just use the damage boost to wreck havoc.