Anointments an unpopular opinion

1: Anointments tend to drop (at least for me) all the time. I’ve heard a lot that nobody can get the anointment they want or that they never drop even in m4
I’m actually challenging myself to get a 2 shot dictator without any anointment to prove a point.

2: Anointments themselves should be nerfed.
Come on a 100% damage increase is insane for how often and easy it is to get on any weapon that can get an anointment. This isn’t including specific anointments (300% for Amara). These make it so playing the game is a one way street to meta town with no deviation on what can work.
An easy fix is to move a majority of anointment buffs to the characters they are part of. For the most part there are perks that already increase damage just boost those to a respectable amount so anointments aren’t the only way to play. Then reduce those 100% ASE to 25% and balance so they are not needed for say m10 and make the actual characters good. Look at Fl4ks anointments his strongest being 115 GB but a FA build is much better with literally any weapon whereas a Zane needs to have a 100 sentinel boost to even be considered good.

3: Finally the Infinity pistol is OP right now according to the voice in my head…

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300% damage on phasecast isn’t even the meta for Amara. It isn’t even the 2nd or 3rd best option.

This isn’t Destiny. Things should no be nerfed for balance reasons. The largest factor for scaling changes should be based on fun value.

can we please, for the love of the god queen… WAIT FOR MAYHEM 2.0!!

few more weeks and it’s here! the whole game could change (nobody knows how it will work out untill it’s here)


That’s ridiculous. Why would anyone want to wait for a planned change that could alter everything. That’s like saying don’t eat the moldy leftovers in the fridge because I ordered pizza, why would you wait for potential awesomeness when there is guaranteed mediocrity right now?


They should be balanced for the character (BL2) not the weapon (Destiny).

Yes I can, but from what i have seen/heard 2.0 is a rework of the mayhem system not a full rework of the skills and anointment that the game is running. Not saying that those can’t change, they might, but in the likely chance that it will just be a way to make the game harder for more diablo esq difficulty scaling.

what i mean with that is, that the anointments might work better in mayhem 2.0 :wink:

for the current game they can be a bit to powerfull yes :slight_smile: but most players didn’t reach that point yet hehe

Anointments became the meta. Chars and their AS and supplemental skills are just utility. Some are much better than others, I agree. Do I want them tweaked or changed for some sort of pseudo attempt at balance. Hell no. I can share weapons across characters, lol.

B3 doesn’t have a lot of depth to it. They add anoints to make us go round and round the same guns, with diff builds. BL3 does have a ton of variations and that makes it fun for me.

btw I saw a Rough Rider with anoint on ASE shields instantly start recharging… lol wtf

IMO all anointments need to be removed and VHs should be powered up.

This is exactly what causes nerfs on weapons to be so harsh. You rely on gear and anointments to get through a game that should be enjoyable to use anything (That has a legendary tag) but have to farm to get a specific anointment on whatever weapon cause it honestly doesn’t matter.

Any weapon should be usable but let weapons be better on their specific build.(Moze with splash damage, Amara with elemental, Fl4k with crit based, Zane with dps for example)

I shouldn’t have to have gear that is only good because an anointment makes it.

I like anointments… They allow you to stack and build upon your skill tree and then the rest of your gear loadout. They can provide a great boost to your overall game play style. I’ve been farming for new level 57 gear since the second we could… and I’ve not had any problems finding gear that works well with the anointments I’m looking for…

But I do play all four characters. So whenever I run across gear that could be used for any character, and it’s better or what I was looking for, then I save it.

If you’re not willing to keep praying to RNGesus, then, for now, you’re just gonna have to accept how things are…

It’s not RNG that’s the problem. I have gear for all 4 VHs at level 57 with anointments.

It’s the reliance on said anointments. I have no problem stacking power to be amazing but I shouldn’t get a 100% buff from my gun and a 15% buff from my character. That should be flipped.


I think that actually benefits all characters… the way anointments on guns work. I really don’t see a problem with the way it is.

If you don’t want to rely on anointments, then you can play at lower difficulty settings. That’s what they are there for. I think things will be much better once Mayhem 2.0 launches.

personaly i feel that annointments should have been added down the line instead of from day 1 but they were so we just deal with it.
sure i heard them mention on the borderlands show that we have 20ish new ones coming with mayhem 2 but could have misheard.


If you have a problem with reliance of anointments, go for weapons that are not anointed to break your reliance.

If you have a problem with other players use of anointments, the problem is you.

Tell that to my Dahl sniper rifle that even with the 100% damage buff after action skill still doesn’t do that well but I use it any way as I like Dahl snipers the problem with this nerf things idea is there are so many players using these op anointments on bad or average weapons just so they can enjoy these weapons on m4 people forget that the meta or op things aren’t always used with op builds and meta set ups some are used to make average builds usable on higher difficulty levels

I do get how you feel, honestly. I had a similar outlook myself, even trying builds without anointments. As players we can get pretty wrapped up in what we think is right, but that is one slippery slope. If you removed anointments, imagine how quickly the same guns we revolve around become boring. They add just a little unique to not feel repetitive. It adds an extra layer to builds etc.


anointments should add to the game not be required.

keep in mind i play a fade-away fl4k on m4 that does not get anointments.

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I’ve made a point to avoid using anointments because they tend to be able to push VHs above their level of power.
Fl4k at best can get a 100% ASE whereas others are being boosted to be on par with Fl4k or just insanely beyond him (Zane).

I only have a problem when I finally get into a Takedown after possibly hours of waiting for a Zane to run through the thing solo and not even have a chance to do anything for myself.

I’ll continue to stand by skills/ perks should make a build good not an anointment.
I love the lob but I find it boring to be able to run around and my only fear be if I swap weapons and suddenly I can’t kill anything because the nest weapon is so bad in comparison. Now does the lob need nerfed, no, but others should be brought to it’s level of power.

They would absolutely destroy normal mode, even low mayhem levels. Those 100% damage bonuses aren’t as insane once you take into account the 1100% extra health the enemies have in mayhem 4. Play there if you find anointments so powerful.


I do play m4 but don’t use anointments or try to find anointments for fire rate increase, airborne, or slide. Those anointments don’t force a play style only add to it.