Anointments and the level cap increases

Just a broad question, how many people out there will still be using a level 50 grenade after they hit 53? I know a ton of people who use there grenade as an anointment slot and seeing as the power of an ASE anointment is going to change I have a feeling a number of people plan to keep an ASE grenade on.

  • I will be keeping my anointment
  • I will replace it even if I lose the anoint

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The reason I ask Is I want to know how many people actually value the anointments power over the power of a grenade. I think something like this should be concisred by GBX. I know creating a whole system of anointing or re rolling anointments can’t be easy but I still think GBX need to look at how far players will go to AVOID hours of farming on something that may just not happen

There is no such thing like grenade power in BL3. All grenades sucks.


Moxxi’s bouncing pair, Hex, Ghast Call (RIP) 3 great Grenades right there. That don’t need Anointments to put out pain or serve a secondary functionality. Moxxi’s BP is extremely useful for not just its repeat damage but the amount of healing it can provide due to it being both a Generator and a Transfusion in one.


Anyone remember pre-Pipebomb nade? Was pretty insane shredding enemies and bosses like Rampager when they at a high level


Lvl 50 grenades, mods, artifacts, shields and a handful of weapons will still be useful after the cap increase.

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Pipe bomb is still very good the mirv grenades don’t do that thing where they do multiple instances of damage as they spawn anymore but its damage is still commendable.

grenade damage in m4 is a joke most of the time, what is valuable is the anoint and in bonus the utility effect (like singularity which I am a big fan)

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You can get damage out of grenades in M4 but the problem is it forces you to pair it with anointments. ASE elemental damage with weapons applies to grenades (for some unexplained reason) if you get a shield and a grenade with decent damage both with different ase elements your grenades will hit hard. I have a Pipebomb with Cryo ASE and it’s funny to watch enemies stand in it and get frozen while also being iradiated.

But ya utility is nice but it’s a grenade right? Any other shooter game they are kind of your bread and butter for clearing out clustered enemies or ensuring someone you want dead goes down. In M3 unless you have a top tire grenade and type matching you will be breaking the bank on grenades.

pre m4 I used to play grenades exclusively (mirv hev Amara with elemental projector) it was fun while it lasted, after m4 implementation I found it was a hassle and weapons being much more efficient I dropped this playstyle, but yeah I agree that it is weird using nades only as utility

Grenades are more for utility for me, just like in BL2. The annointment is far more important than the damage of it.

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Basic bitch rakks hit harder than nades most of the time​:joy::joy:. Amara and Moze get good nade damage easily but I don’t think Zane really gets anything.
It’s possible for every character to have m4 grenade builds but yeah it takes work for some.

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This bring up a good question should a Grenade do more or less then an action skill? Short answer more XD it has an ammo count. Ya I can spam the things but it isn’t free well in most cases it’s not. Heck I have a Big Boom Blaster Moze and I use a Ghast Call because each Ghost can trigger Vamper. The rest of the time I am trying to keep my grenade count at max so I get Heavy weapon ammo from the boosters and can fire off the Scourge at will.

I think in BL2 the main thing most people used in UVHM was the Magic Missiles or Chain Lightning right? Chain Lighting for shield strip or Moxxi gun healing, and MM for Slag. Man I miss using Chain Lighting on Maya when she had here life steal kill skill up… I think ima go play BL2 :stuck_out_tongue:

this cap rise does not change the game in slighest. game is pretty hopeless before M 2.0


You need another choice.

Replace gear with exact annointment only.

Grenades in M4 are for anointment only. The bonus weapon damage they provide won’t increase with level cap but the base damage will (Slightly).

I think a grenade should be able to feel like a grenade, nifty damage from the utility nades and the more powerful grenades should be able to tear chunks out of health bars and lay waste to smaller enemies.
Some grenades can deal good damage on their own but it’s kinda meh without the proper set-up.


I don’t think anyone is or atleast anyone hear. It dose exactly what GBX says it dose. “It will let some builds expand”… slightly :roll_eyes:
M4 was a rash decision made because the guide creator/ streamer community portion of the player based made M3 trivial a few short weeks after launch because of how much time these people have to spend farming. So offer them a greater challange. Then they threw guns behind it because they knew it made more content for this fraction of the player based. I understand pandering to hardcore fans but the addition of M4 is well not something I would call “difficult for the right reasons” I hope M 2.0 revamps how M mods are distributed and changes what exactly M4 is.