Anointments are stupid

Wait for D4 or rebuild D2 :wink:

D3 wasn’t the best in the series just like BL3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It does have a challenge though, something that’s seriously lacking in this game (and the grind isn’t even that hard imho) D3 does not have dedicated drops :wink: wich makes the grind a bit harder

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Your subjective luck with RNG is utterly meaningless and nearly nonsequitur in regards to my post or the topic overall.

We hit 100 boi wtf

As such is the case with yours.

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“Your subjective luck with RNG doesn’t matter, only MY misfortune with RNG matters and proves a point ok ?”


My luck and your misfortune make for a truly balanced point-of-view.


Please quote where I mentioned my personal luck/misfortune with RNG as a justification for anything. Or mentioned it at all. Oh wait… you can’t. Because I didn’t. Because it’s STILL IRRELEVANT.
Your attempt at misdirection and ad hominem is pathetically obvious.

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Numbers are too high.
The only one justifiable is 300/90 given the limitations and how it works perfectly for guns that are niche and cant do that much without it (slow guns, which have always been inferior given the risk and reward compared to safer and faster guns)

That said anointments were a cheap and still interesting thing to add to the loot, unfortunately… like most of the long therm problems in the game, powercreep ruined it.



Zane’s cryo anointment could just be a straight buff to all the guns :sweat_smile:

My skills are always active… (though my clairvoyance is powerful enough to kill stuff without any anointment active haha)

Same for Amara… It’s pretty easy to have enough cooldown reduction to have your anointment active 100% of the time.

The other 2 probably can also use anoinments to have the boost always active.

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It was implied, by your posts.

I implied nothing. More likely just your wishful thinking, and/or creating a straw man out of necessity.