Anointments: are they broken?

Since playing this new DLC I’m seeing this one anointment on a HUGE number of items:

WTF. I’m also seeing a huge amount of sliding anoints. Just WHY. Perfectly good weapons…just ruined with worthless garbage anointments at a rate that defies logic and math. Was the drop rate for these anoints increased because of the new Takedown or something? GB…nobody wants this garbage! I don’t even bother picking them up. :weary:


Yeh, those and the handling/accuracy anoints. It feels like they doubled down on the trash anoints to try to convince us to embrace them. About the best anoint I seem to be getting with anything approaching regularity, is the ASE critical hits increased by 25%.



At this point they should either scrap the worthless anointments or combine them, maybe just MAYBE at that point they might have a use.


No more broken than before. Which is to say very. I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again, but anointments break the itemization.

A system where there are more options for that single slot than all other parts total on a gun, and whether you hit one of the 10% that are usable defines whether the gun is useful is fundamentally broken.


GB is just trolling at this point…

Like a double whammy of stupid “RNG”.


Good news on the woodblocker…there is no annointment that can help that gun.


I wonder if this anoint classifies as just off the ground. I cant remember but in BL2 there was a perk or class skill that would work just from jumping on cars,blocks or anything that caused you from not making contact to the ground. Seeing this post reminded me that i thought of this a while back and was going to test that but forgot. I need to look into it :thinking:.

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I’m convinced they’ve upped the chances for that particular anointment in DLC3 due to certain… features… of the gameplay there.

It’s the only place in the game I’ve ever actually used a weapon with that anointment, and it will likely remain that way.

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Is it possible you’re thinking of Gaige’s Death from Above? Can’t think of anything else that fits the bill.

In any case, don’t bother, it’s held to be ‘the skill that wasn’t’ among Mechro players - awesome in theory but didn’t work due to ground collision issues.
(There’s a way to make it do ok-ish work but it requires a specific build and playstyle which ultimately wasn’t very satisfying.)

Still, much better than an amp anoint on a Rough Rider or airborne crit on a Woodblocker…


Ya know the more i think of it it might have been an underlining perk on a certain weapon, maybe a blue gun that was found. I remember watching a video about it but it never fit my builds so didnt pursue it. Was some time ago but i think i agree with you, to many avenues to go down right now.

They spent a lot of development time on writing those mechanics into the game. And by golly you are going to use them.

This is a classic case of what the company wants, not what the customer wants. It’s annoying AF, but here we are. I trash all sliding and jumping anoints.


Phase one patch notes:

Also this:

They’re really determined to have us jumping and sliding around.


Agreed. Let me know if you think of it, will you? - still drawing a blank here.

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Lol will do. Been searching youtube for a while.

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Yeah. Good catch on those quotes. I remember reading them and thinking…oh god please stop forcing this on us. Sliding and shooting is not a thing. At least not a good thing. It didn’t occur to me that it might mean they increase the drop rate of those anointments but it sure feels like it.


I don’t know that I’m necessarily getting more of the sliding/airborne anoints than before. They’ve always been way too common.

I am seeing far more melee damage anoints though.

The slide and airborne/slam annoints would see more play if GBX had designed their levels to make it easier to organically use them. The airborne/slam one specifically feels like an afterthought as they can be super annoying to utilize effectively on a lot of maps.

100% on this. I am just curious who inside GBX has the jump and/or slide build they think is amazing and just don’t get why the rest of us won’t play that way.


No matter what these are situational so they still have to outcompete a lot of “always on” or functionally always on things that don’t involve doing something hinky to make them work.

Either the damage needs to be grotesquely higher and/or they needed to make the slide and jump annoints be on the same gun to make the annoint be less situational.

Plus, they didn’t bother to block annoints by gun or even gun type so sliding and jumping are borderline useless for the sniper rifles for example.