Anointments: ideas for a solution to reduce rng and improve enjoyment of the game

With 50(+?) anointments in the game there needs to be a way to improve the rng for getting the item you want with the anointment you want.

this thread is NOT about re-rolling

I would have thought it would make sense to now combine some of the anointment to reduce the rng strain.

Some ideas:

Combine sliding and airborne so that it is ‘when sliding OR airborne’

Combine digiclone swap anointments so that it is ‘when swapping places with your digiclone reload your weapon AND do 130% more damage’

Combine phasegrasp anointments (and have them apply to all variants of phasegrasp) so that ‘when an enemy is phasegrasped increase accuracy AND deal constant novas’ (that scale with mayhem levels so a % not a strict number)

Combine exit iron bear anointments so that ‘on exiting iron bear do not consume ammo for 5 seconds AND deal bonus fire damage’

Any other suggestions for anointment combinations?


i dont think that its a good idea to reduce build diversity to compensate for the high RNG
crafting would be a good addition to the game and could take out that layer of RNG/reduce it

not gonna happen. but I think deep in your heart you know that…

I also don’t see how combining anointments that share the same conditions for activation would limit build diversity. If anything it would open it up more.


its the approach itself
are the devs not allowed to add more anointments in the future then?
even if you forge some, the RNG is still immense and increasing the drop rates even further is mayhem (in a negative way)
this is no long term solution since the system itself is flawed

who said anything about not adding more anointments in the future? Poor strawman I’m afraid. 1/10.

Am still awaiting a serious suggestion for improvement from you on this matter.

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I suggested a generic. Anointed vault hunter. Does stuff based off ur action skill. Covers everyone.

U could have utility vault hunter

Yay you got damage exalted vault hunter

Vendortrash vault hunter

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basically because it would increase the number of anointments again, leading to the same problem you are trying to solve at this moment: having too many anointments and the RNG being too high to get the right one

my take on anointments would be a crafting/salvage system to transfer an anointment from 1 piece of gear to an other and destroy the former for a good amount of eridium
that would still require people to farm for an anointment but decrease the RNG drastically, give eridium farm a meaning, let them introduce a cool magic kind guardian NPC that can manipulate anointments/or let tannis do it + everyone likes crafting

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again, crafting/re-rolling is just not gonna happen.

So, given that we are stuck with this sytem, how would you go about overhauling the current system

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i will just disagree because i am more optimistic and that statement is just silly
but i will try to play the game with you

you can also release the anointments from the weapons and put them on little socket items (trinkets) which can be placed in the trinket spots which are currently just plain useless
(ofc, you had to add one to grenades and shields)

but you would probably again say “nothing changing the current item system and interface is going to happen because GBX is the church”

in that case, you could use the currently very unpopular modifier system and turn it into a dedicated farm system which allows you to select different modifiers which have an increased chance to drop specific kinds of guns, elements, anointments, shield modifiers, what ever
ofc in exchange for a thematically fitting challenge when fighting enemies

I think the game should drop anountments relative to the VH being played. Like Zane anoints only dropping when Zane is played. As Zane, I get 10x more Amara anoints than for Zane. The anoint I see the least is the SNTNL Cryo.


Again, I ask, how would you improve the current system? Putting anointments on trinkets, re-rolling and crafting have all been suggested before.

These are so unlikely to be implemented (because the game’s core would need to be re-written) so we need suggestions for improving the current system

Suggestions @lolli42?


That is an excellent suggestion. The only issue I would find with that is not being able to use one VH to farm for gear for another. If you have a super powerful Amara and a weak FL4K, it would be reasonable to use the stronger character to farm for gear for the weaker one.

so you are suggesting ammending a system that is already not fit for purpose (mayhem) and trying to make it work for another purpose? I don’t see that as a workable solution.

Certainly less workable than simply combining some of the anointments that need similar conditions to activate…

that is probably because i am too much into RPG building, theory crafting, balancing to just suggest to forge everything together and make my character a super saiyajin
i understand it for weak anointments like airbone or sliding
but generally just forging everything together is like forging together recharger and stop gap so you dont have to farm too much
and again, anointments will be added in the future and the RNG will still be there

It will. And bar far the biggest gripe on these boards (aside from your good self) is that the RNG sucks. I am merely trying to suggest solutions that will make the game more playable.

I have spent around 4 hours today farming for a projectile recursion. I have seen exactly 2.

Please explain to me how this is a good thing? (my strawman)

i respect that
and for weak anointments it would also help with balancing the game
but overall this is just tilting at windmills
if the current system isnt changed, the devs will be anti encouraged to add more content to the game in the future
so it HAS to be changed
simple as that

So, just for a moment, put on your business owner shoes.

You have spent months (maybe years) planning a sequel to one of the most popular games in history. You have your development path mapped out far in advance and you have the base game coded. The game revolves around farming.

What incentives do you have as a business owner to completely re-write the game’s core code so that a completely new mechanic is introduced to the game (re-roll/trinkets/crafting), particularly when there are so many complaints that the game core isn’t running properly as it is.

they added freaking D3 boss modifiers that noone likes xD
they are doing a lot of stuff that takes a lot of resources

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I don’t know why you think your particular concept for handling annoints is more likely to happen than any other that’s been offered through the forums.