Anointments: ideas for a solution to reduce rng and improve enjoyment of the game

Anointments are just too damn powerful man. They outshine legendary gear and skills by a mile.

Don’t you see that the whole game is centered around anointments?

Combining different anoints would only make it worse


I’m certainly not saying I am right and everyone else is wrong.

I do though think the solution I have presented would involve the least amount of major reworking.

making anointments way weaker and balancing the game around that would also help a lot
since it would just not matter anymore to have the perfect anointment
but not really satisfying either

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I agree that the anointment system has superseded the weapons. In most cases it is the anointment that is doing the damage rather than the weapon.

I am not advocating new anointments. Rather, I am suggesting compacting the existing anointments to reduce the rng load.

That is something we can agree on, so long as a semblance of balance and playability is achieved. The biggest mistake was, I believe, making weapon damage scale with mayhem levels.

i was hyped because i was thinking about the OP jurney but it was not like it at all^^

Okay, let me offer you this:

Anointments get nerfed to a point where they are bonuses and not the sole focus of this entire game. Anoints should give a 10-30% DMG bonus, not 100-300%.

That allows us to get rid of 1 major aspect of the game that causes damage fluctuation. Anointments make it so hard to create a good baseline and balance design. How do you scale opponents properly for the playerbase if one anointment literally can double the damage?

Now I can already hear people complain “nerf bad me not likey!” but let me finish… anointments will drop seperately from weapons so that YOU can decide which anointment you put on which weapon.

What do you think?

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that GBX will not do that

Take out all anointments and buff the freaking weapons.

Most anointments are trash anyway.

300/90, trash.
Sliding/Jumping trash.
DigiSwap 130 %,… times out and trash.
Digiclone regenerate ammo,… times out,… trash.
Extra Rakk Attack,… GTFO.
Enter Iron Bear, Exit Iron Bear, do a barrel roll.

To be honest , most of these anoints worked better on M1.0 system.

M2.0 made weapons and anoints pretty trashy compared to the new anoints/weapons they released.


They are only trash because they are poorly balanced in relation to other anointments.

How is “While Digiclone is active regenerate ammo” supposed to compete with “while drone is active get 100% bonus cryo damage” ? Poorly balanced! Now if you bring those 100% down to somewhere around <20% and slightly increase the ammo regen of the other anointment… totally different story! Other anointments would become more viable.


Anointments get the weapon treatment,…

Why have 100% dmg for a short time when I can have 150% rad or 100% cryo indefinately?

Why use a Bitch when I can use a Kaoson?

Why use a Nukem when I can use a Yellowcake?

i think the rad anointment is in an ok place to just buff the extremely risky 1 hp builds

It has a nice tradeoff. But in general I think they shouldn’t have made the damage anointments that powerful. They should be bonuses and not have such a huge impact on the game where they literally double your damage.

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thats true

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Like @lolli42 and @FerocityFlynt says, they have to nerf every damage anointment to 10% of what they are now and buff underperforming guns. BOOM build diversity.


I agree that that would be a more equitable solution.

Also agree. GBX has, to an extent, painted itself into a corner as things are now.

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kind of
i mean, nerfing the anointments doesnt really change anything about build diversity but it would balance the game more around finding guns and not finding anointments, which is better^^

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i was more like quoting you
not giving my own opinion
i think that they have done a lot of expensive unnecessary things so they can also do necessary things

it’s not just the 1hp builds though. Plenty of 40%health builds out there using a front loader. Even a 25% health build with a loaded dice.

I think weaker anointment is directly tied to build diversity. cause whatever the anointment is, it doesnt make or break the gear that drops wich in turn unlock other ways of playing you character instead of having 3-4 shields, 3-4 artifacts and 5-6 guns that are viable at endgame.

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