Anointments on drops

Is there any reason that whenever Im farming the only anointments I get are either ones I pretty sure noone uses or for the other vault hunters? (I Fl4k main mostly). Seriously every other drop is either moze or amara specific anoints. Im searching for a pretty big pool of annoints (at least 6 different ones) but I think an easy quality of life patch would be to not drop anoints from Vault hunters youre not playing or at the very least tip the odds towards the on you are (like 80-20) Is anyone else as frustrated by this as I am or is it just that fl4ks anoints dont drop that often at all?

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Usually I get a lot of drops associated with the VH I’m using, but every now and again a bunch for other VHs. Random system being random, I suppose.

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It does seem to me like rolls on anointments are weighted slightly heavier towards the character-specific anointments for the character you are playing, but there is definitely RNG there as well. My guess would be that there are some modders or coding folks around here who could answer definitively on that - but that’s not me LOL.

My thoughts - you’re probably just having bad luck. Which is no fun. Kinda like the time I farmed for over 2 weeks of play sessions to get a Urad Plaguebearer (before we had Earl’s re-rolling machine). Ouch. Why did it take them 18 months to create the re-roll machine again?

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All the Borderlands games have been coded such that character-specific items (or perks on items) have a somewhat greater chance to be for the player’s character, but can still be for any character. The practical upshot being that, over time, players will run in to periods of good and bad luck with getting what they want.

I believe the intent behind that has been two-fold. First, it’s supposed to prompt players to consider starting other characters (not really in BL1 though since twinking items is needlessly complicated there). Second, because if you’re playing coop the drop might be relevant to someone else in your party.

BL3’s cooperation mode makes that second point somewhat redundant since all loot is instanced, but it’s probably easier to have one loot table used for both cooperation and coopetition modes than it is to have separate ones.

It’s just one of those things in Borderlands games that you have to put up with. Maybe GBX will change that in any BL4 game, but who knows? :man_shrugging:


My sense is Moze is heavily favoured. I can’t prove that. It’s all anecdotal, but I swear it’s %90 Moze. And it’s crap. Bear Fist, Salamander etc… I don’t play FL4K, but I have in the past, hardly any drops. Zane a little better, Amara a little better.