Anointments quality of life change

I have noticed many people in the community be frustrated with The low drop chances of a specific anointment and weapon element drop chances myself specifically it took me over 3 hours to farm a hellwalker with the under 50% health gain 150% radiation damage anointment. This is not my idea but I think it was epic RNG on YouTube who came up with it first a system where you can farm annointments separate from weapons and permanently equip annointments onto weapons using iridium or use iridium to remove anointments to add a different one onto them. I thought the way you could equip anointments would be something similar to how you apply skins to a gun. I wanted to get community feedback and bring this to gearboxes attention because I think this would be a change for the better in the community


Someone mentioned tying anointments to the trinkets. That would be a way to do it without overhauling too much. Then, farming for trinkets would be added into the game. The thing is, do grenade and shield slots have a spot for trinkets? If not, you’d be stuck with trinkets for weapons only. Which, isn’t a bad thing.


Have been playing a bit of division 2 the last few weeks and they have a system where you can deconstruct an item to take off a talent or stat and add it into your library, then having the ability to reroll one aspect of a new item with something from your library.

Warframe and diablo 3 have similar features and it doesnt seem to break the gameplay loop imo


100%. This is exactly what this game needs desperately. Most looters have a similar mechanic, BL3 has gotta get with the times a bit.


Personally I’m frustrated with anointments existing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d just sunset every damage one and keep a handful of fun utility ones then rescale Mayhem modes accordingly.

That would be admitting the whole system was a mistake though which I doubt they’ll do, short of that your idea is fine OP.

They probably won’t do your idea either though since as far as they’re concerned, the more unreasonable the grind, the longer they can retain players to sell DLC to. Harsh but that’s the reality, no way this level of grind is an accident, I refuse to believe the Devs could be that incompetent.


There should be an option to turn off anointments completely… Much like M11 which turns off all modifiers. d

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That’s a good idea but I was thinking more like when you go into the weapon or shield or grenade view by pressing r3 on PS4 I don’t know what the button is everywhere else they can add an extra menu into that sub menu that lets you apply anointments like you apply skins to guns and when you unapply them it can destroy it or not

You’re probably right but they made similar changes to mayhem levels and rare enemy spawns in the past. The possibility is low but who’s to say it will never happen