Anointments ruin this game

Im leveling my moze and with Level 49 now I have a few ASE anointments. It feels Kind of dump to jump in Auto Bear just to leave it. I would like to see rather anointments like “while in autobear, autobear gets 50% more damage”. I dont know, ASE seems not to Match with mozes skills and other anointments are just trash in comparison to ASE.

Zane has while SNTL is active anointments. If it woudnt exist it wout be the same issue…


Agreed, I’ve always said anointments should “complement” builds not “make” the builds.


I have an Ogre with “next 2 magazines deal 125% incendiary damage” which does surprisingly well in M4 however playing Moze definitely get used to auto bear for those anoint procs. The only time I dont just instantly jump out is when I run low on grenades, for some reason Iron Bear itself is able to proc grenade regen 100% of the time so I geuss that’s another use for it?


They could easily fix anointments, but the side effect would be making the current game too easy for people with a lot of anointed gear. Which could be fixed by just adding more mayhem levels or whatever.

To fix anointments they just need to make all 4 equipped guns anointments activate. Splash ones on a timer for example would need to be active only while the gun with it is being held because splash increases apply to the character rather than the gun so you’d want to avoid people just holding those guns to increase splash for other guns.

Then they also need to indroduce better non-ASE anointments. Nobody likes jumping constantly to proc an airborne anointment… Especially when it isn’t even very good. Make it so the anointment lasts for a number of seconds after jumping.

The 5% Damage and reload speed per kill should be increased, this one has the right idea though. The increase is just too little compared to ASE ones.

I have no problem with anointments being in the game to add a new level of gear. But the current way they work absolutely ruins the game once you have them.

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It’s used in conjunction.

Turns out my video didn’t have as much slam as I remembered. It was a short test.

The thing is you have to set up to make greatness out of it.

This would bloat our damage through the roof, and then new mayhem levels would be have to be introduced with even larger boosts to enemy health/shield/armor.

This, however, is an excellent point. Imo, I don’t think ASE should even exist (maybe one tied to Rakk Attack since it finishes so quickly). Rather, standard damage/reload speed/splash radius/damage on kill/etc should be the anointments.

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Outside of Sal and Krieg action skills have always served more as utility and elevating you to a higher level. If they were our main source of damage then they would have to figure out how to handle down time.

As a Zane main I rely a lot on my action skills to keep my damage (Ill admit its mostly due to the 100 cryo, but also dropping It’s Piss every where) and survivability up. Even though Im able to keep my skills up for long periods any down time runs out my action skill timer, there is a level of actual nervousness until my reset timers are back up.

Also you are spending too much time focusing on guides. Moxsy just ran a takedown run with just Lobs. Anointments allow for more variety in order to run high end content just have to be patient and farm for it. They are the new version of prefix farming.


Sort of, but not entirely. It would keep it the same you would just be able to swap weapons. Of course they could lower some to be less effective but I don’t like pointing the nerf gun at things to avoid being yelled at haha.

An anointment to increase splash radius would have been cool.

Realistically I don’t think anointments should have increased damage, but had effects like that instead. Increase utility.

Lol I feel the same. I use strictly Executor again w/ Seein Red capstone. Once SNTL is on cool down I know there is a good chance for something to happen. Clone I only use for repositioning/thowing piss/Seein Red since I don’t have Boom. Enhance.

Zane is fun again :wink:

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Imho damage is a stat developers should keep under strict control. No anointments should boost damage in any way. This way enemy health pools would be easier to adjust, action skills would be more balanced, grenades would be more useful and so on.
Let anointments be quality of life boosts like ammo regen, cooldown reduction, action skill improvements, accuracy and handling boosts and so on…


I was literally in the middle of typing this myself

The time between rounds on the Slaughters can either be a god send as my action skills wrapped up on the last dude, or the most nerve racking thing watching them both go on cool down right when the next wave spawns.

It may not be a big source of damage (unless im in a big group using a distributor) but my Barrier is crucial to keeping me alive and I am very thank full that its there.

Phase lock on Maya was cool with cloud kill but was also great for positioning and support with phase reviving in coop. At best Axtons turret was like playing zane but you had to stand in one area at worst it was a stat stick freeing up a slot away from a Slag weapon (and even still you used a grog). DT on Gaige was not that great either again more utility as it was very underwhelming even when you could add an element as it tended to get hit with stray bullets and change if you wanted to be on different elements.

So if you look at the history of AS on all the borderlands games you can see a progression and action skills in BL3 are better than the ones that came before them that they are inspired by. Doubt we will ever see a progression on gunzerking as it was broken and if you have 2 guns that also means you can get an extra anoint.

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I feel the same way about anointments at times but I can still use anointments to enhance my action skills, I was hitting big bro Traunt for close to 1 Million with my rakks just for ■■■■■.

Those are also great places to find “bestest ever” builds along with builds based around exploits and lvl 1gear. Not many people want to make themed builds or not OP builds when the meta is based around praising those types of builds as the best.

Do it with moze, amara etc

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Exactly they still haven’t “fixed” them

Amara hits way harder with phasecast, I finally started a Moze and she doesn’t feel that bad.
Now tell a YouTuber to use actually phasegrasp with a driver mod, lol.

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not got as much of a problem with her other skills

The only problem I have with her is that fracture doesn’t proc phaseslam anointments.
Driver, phasezerker, breaker and golden rule all allow for some pretty badass builds.

They don’t need fixing, action skills have almost always been a perk activation method of sorts the only difference is that in BL2 instead of anointments the AS would usually activate a perk in the tree of your respective VH.

Zer0s deception would proc certain melee buffs or crit buffs.
Axton’s turret served only as a slag spam
Sal’s gunzerk boosted gun damage
Maya’s phaselock applied status/healing/overall support
Kreig bonked himself on the head and set himself on fire… erm… yeah
Deathtrap did nothing at all

I think anointments are just a way to deepen builds.

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You know, a lot of bother would be avoided if folks just read the forum rules.