Anointments should be removed as importance

They need to be removed from necessity cus of how mostly useless they are so u don’t need anoints to do anything fun in m10


How can anointments be “mostly useless” when you “need anoints to do anything fun in m10”? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is due to how the devs poorly balanced the game as to why anointments are a necessity. When Mayhem 2.0 came and ruined the game, the player base needed to get as powerful as possible, thus resulting to anointments.

Right now, outside perhaps 4 or 5 guns, anointments are needed.

As it stands this game has not recovered from the change from Mayhem 1.0 to Mayhem 2.0. The game will not recover till non-unique become useable at end game.

In all other games there was loads of purples that are more than capable of doing the job at endgame.


I’m just gonna quote myself (on purples):

…many of them don’t end up getting used. They don’t feel special, because they don’t feel intentional . The best example I can give is grenades. One of the ONLY purple, non-red text ones that people commonly use is the Cloning Maddening Tracker. That’s because its specific combination of parts makes it useful. But that doesn’t mean EVERY combination is going to be as useful, as often. Some of them are straight up bad in most situations, if not at least unpredictable and inconsistent. It’s not just that legendaries are more powerful.

Making [purple] weapons scale more damage isn’t going to make them better or viable, because their lack of damage isn’t the problem. Like I said, they’re inconsistent, unpredictable, uninteresting, and don’t feel special, because they’re not. They’re filler, and that’s fine. They are the blocks you climb over to get to the top. Without them, you’d start at the top, and never get the thrill of ascending. But try to give them all a place at the top, and you just end up with a flat circle.

Damage isn’t the problem, which is why anointments ALSO aren’t the problem, though they could do with some more INTERESTING ones.

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Because only a small aka 5 anoints are useful but the fact its basically required to get something good very specifically kinda limits the fun of creativity u can’t make whatever build you want use whatever gun sheild grenade its very specific and not good

With the recent changes i started using other anointments (ammo regen on Zane) and it opened up so many load outs :ok_hand:

Using a needle gun us a beefed up infinity feels good (shame infinity is once again trash because of this) or shredding with a tizzy and never running out of ammo :rofl:

I think every anointment is viable now maybe a few could be better and moze’s IB weapon anointments could probably be rolled into a single anointment (i never play moze and those anointments are pretty anoying especially when Rerolling)

Anointments are not the reason for purples being different here. The devs have opted to make the endgame gear pretty much 100% Legendary or bust. Anointments come on all weapons, but you can’t make all weapons work even with them.

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Some weapons/greandes/shields/skills just aren’t good, regardless of rarity or anointments. They can’t all be winners, but there are definitely more than 5 useful anointments, especially after the recent changes. I’ve been refarming M10/lvl72 gear lately, and I’ve barely been looking at anointments. I’ll worry about that once I have enough eridium. Hasn’t stopped me from mobbing or bossing on M10/11, though, and my build isn’t even all that great. I’ve been getting through multiple Guardian Takedown runs with a Tizzy, Flipper, Hellwalker, and Crit, and I don’t think more than one of them has an anointment I can actually use.

This… And then there’s the mayhem weaponscaling that further widens the gap.

In old mayhem you could use non legendary in endgame. M2.0 introduced scaling and such and then they started buffing legendaries left and right…

So i won’t hold my breath for GBX restoring power to non legendary :wink:

anointments ruined it for me. That and how they ruin raid bosses.