Anointments shouldn't hide alt-fire details

Love the anointments in the game, but don’t understand why having the details of the anointment requires removing the details of the alternate fire (or other details).
For example, I pick up a legendary with “critical hits fire two shots at nearby enemies”, but that information vanishes, because it’s also anointed. I check the weapon parts, etc, but no info. If I didn’t have a normal version of the same legendary, I wouldn’t know about that benefit.
I also pick up a vladof gun, and it’s anointed. I have no idea what the alternate fire is, so I equip it and find that it’s a shotgun. I check the gun parts page, which states that there is an under-barrel shotgun, but not how much damage it deals, so I have to go test it and figure that out for myself, instead of being able to compare with other guns at a glance.
I get that the list of information is pretty long on some items and they might want to hide some of it, but there should be somewhere to see that covered-up info.


Agreed. I also don’t like that on Tediore weapons, it hides the “Reload Effect” text, which is, for me, the most important part of the weapon description other than its stats, as what I’m after are the Tediore guns that, when thrown, activate their legs and become a walking drone to attack the enemy! :sunglasses:


its probably because the item cards have a fixed height and can’t display all of the info. Maybe the item cards can resize based on all the information

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Oh wow, I was just about to make this exact post. When I’m shopping at Earl’s or sniffing loot on the ground, I can’t tell (for example), what kind of tracker and duration an Atlas weapon has or what kind of detonation a Tediore weapon has. I’d be flabbergasted if this wasn’t already on their radar to fix, but this is a good post for that.

Here’s an example: 40-second puck, or 10-second grenade?

On an unrelated note, has anyone used this anointment and got it to work? I haven’t gotten this sort of thing to work for me, but maybe I’m missing it.


I’ve gotten it to work. But I JUST got it ladt night and didn’t get a real good grasp on it’s mechanics…but I want to make it work so ad

Ok, let me give it a controlled try here.


It looks like the pet has to successfully complete the attack command to make it work

I was about to post the EXACT same thing you just said. For me it was Tediore Shoguns, with homing mirv projectiles for my Tediore chucking Moze. Can’t count the amount of shock ones I picked up, had to check the barrel accesory and then see if it had the homing module too. All because the annointed text was in the way. Finally got one last Friday though, without an annointement. Good Times!


If it’s like the Amara phasegrasp skulls anointment, you have to have a stack of terror for it to activate. Otherwise, nothing happens. You’d have to try with and without terror, and see if there’s a difference.