Anoints that should be removed and anoints that should be added

The current anoint system really just needs some work. There’s a bunch of anoints that just bloat the pool but don’t have a purpose and it just makes the game more grindy than it needs to be.

So, let’s take a look at some anoints nobody ever uses:

1: ALL Status Effect Chance/Damage anoints. Absolutely pointless. Not even the small amount of builds that actually relies on Status Effects for dealing damage (usually with UTD) uses those.

2: The 40% Siren ASE rad anoint. Just a straight downgrade compared to regular ASE bonus elements. Garbage.

3: Literally all of Fl4k’s character specific anoints. Sounds harsh, but is actually true. The ones that would work well in concept are utterly ruined in execution (Rakk Slag literally does nothing, Rakk Crit completely ruins any and all potential it may have had by being a post-additive crit boost which roughly translates to "garbage damage formula) and there’s a number of damage related ones that are simply straight downgrades from 200% ASA. The only one that is even remotely useful is 115% rad when Gamma burst is active and that gets outclassed by Urad.

4: 100% ASE gun damage. Was OK at the start of the game but has since been outclassed by a large quantity of other anoints.

5: On kill reload and gun damage anoint. Just doesn’t hold up. Even factoring in the reload it’s just worse than consec hits.

6: ASA Novas. Garbage. Doesn’t deal good damage, is very distracting and has a chance to kill you by blowing up barrels. In fact, that goes for all nova anoints, not just the ASA but also the character specific ones.

7: Generally any of the Arms Race anoints that instead of enhancing the action skill itself just give gun damage. The damage enhancing ones like 100% MNTIS damage do at least have something resembling a niche but the gun damage ones are pretty much all just worse ASA 200.

8: Clone Swap damage. It’s just not worth it. No matter which combination of action skills you are running, there’s always gonna be a better alternative.

9: ASE damage resistance. Damage resist just isn’t a worthwhile stat in this game.

There’s probably a bunch more but that’s just the ones I can think off the top of my head.

Concepts for anoints that could be added:

1: ASA crit bonus. Obviously, it has to be a true crit bonus and can’t be post additive. Maybe somewhere in the ball park of 50-70%?

2: Anoints that introduce damage vulnerability to enemies. Like Rakk Slag if Rakk Slag actually worked.

3: Killing an enemy with an action skill increases action skill damage by [insert viable and balanced amount here] for 30 seconds. This effect stacks up to [insert viable and balanced limit here].

4: On kill, gain a stacking 5% chance of not consuming ammo and firing an additional projectile. Stacks last for 15 seconds. Max stacks: 8.


All newly introduced anointments henceforth should include both a damage component and a utility component.

The damage components should be comparable.

Ultra rare option: capstone-like complete game changer anoints.

It almost reads as “any anoint that doesn’t cater to my playstyle should be removed.” Almost…


Frankly people need to stop deciding on their own what other people use or not…
You lost me with the Fl4k section…

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Some anoints simply do not have a purpose because no matter the situation or playstyle, they are outperformed by something different. (Case and point, the Siren 40% Rad one is literally just a downgrade compared to the generic ASE rad anoints).

And at that point they only clutter up the anointment pool which increases the grind to get anoints that are actually good.

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If only anoinments where actually balanced…

Why use reload speed over 2/300% gun damage?

Guns aren’t even properly balanced so that makes that most anoinments turn most guns into trash tier.

Fl4k has some anoints that have more general issues.

For instance, Rakk Slag would be a great anoint if it actually did, well, anything. It’s straight-up bugged and doesn’t work.

Like, which anoints do you like to use on Fl4k that couldn’t arguably be replaced with a general purpose anoint that does the job just as well if not better?

Particularily considering that anoints are primarily part of the end game meta environment which already heavily emphasizes damage over pretty much anything else.


Not at all tho. Id only disagree with the flak urad one. Like whats the point of skill specific "clone swap 100% damage " or “100% while fade away active” when I have 200% dmg increase when action skill is active tho

I know, there are some anoints that are 100% outclassed and/or doesn’t work in concept. There are also some that are redundant and could have easily been grouped together( Moze hardpoints specifically). I’m not disagreeing with you there.

The problem I have with your reasoning is that you see everything in term of meta and not meta = useless. Now I have killed everything that is to be killed in this game if I can t even challenge myself with non meta setup what is left to do? Exemple:I am currently toying with a flood with fade away accuracy and handling anoint, I am well aware that it is not the best set up but it is fun because this weapon with extreme fire rate and recoil is well complemented by this anoint giving pinpoint accuracy to it otherwise chaotic firing.

Now I agree for some redundancy to be removed:
like increased status effect chance after phasecast which is identical to the general status effect chance.


Fair enough, accuracy/handling ones might have a niche use.

But there’s still just a lot of unneccessary overlap. A lot of anoints are just like “What if we took ASA 200 and made it worse?” . There’s just no need for a ton of different gun damage anoints if there’s 2 or 3 out of the whole bunch which are always going to be the best no matter what.

I am with you for the purely redundant ones

100 dmg while fadeaway/grasp/iron cub etc = 200 ASA
Completely identical mechanics but different number values should not be a thing


The 100% ASA anointments that add an elemental type are usually better than the 200% ASA gun damage anoint as with the way damage is calculated since the 100% element is added after gun damage where the 200% gun damage is just added with your other gun damage boosts. Also I am over simplifying a huge amount here but I think I got the basic idea. After all that fade away 100% is then strictly worse than asa 200 always since they’re both just gun damage

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Honestly we kinda do need bad ones in the pool to, unironically, balance/adjust the gameplay in a way. I would agree that a few could be removed tho, 250 rerolls is so good but with so many anoints it can take thousands to still get the anoint we want. Or decrease the price somewhat. I would be happy with either.

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I just wanna keep my auto bear infinite ammo
Especially now that they decided to not deactivate it after swapping?

Let’s just be real, there are maybe a dozen anoints that make 95% of players endgame builds. I say outside of those either remove them or buff them to match.

Not all anointment bonuses are made equal. A bonus to splash damage is going to outperform a bonus to gun damage everytime due to multiplicative vs additive gains in damage formulas.

Btw I love your proposed anointments 3 and 4.

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5: On kill reload and gun damage anoint. Just doesn’t hold up. Even factoring in the reload it’s just worse than consec hits.

About this.
What if you could put it on a shield or grenade mod?
It seems like a very attractive option to me.

It would definitely be better if it was. Probably wouldn’t quite beat the OGT anoint, but at least it wouldn’t have to compete against some of the major gun damage anoints.

It might also be better if instead of gun damage it boosted fire rate since that’s not an boost you find all that often in anoints.

I know you weren’t :wink:

Anoinments just like pretty much everything about this game is a good idea that GBX just failed at actually pulling off

This game could have been great… But it turned out to be a turd (GBX really gambled on the previous games’ legacies and now shot themselves in the foot)

Every time a discussion about anointments comes out I always say the same thing: remove every anointment that enhances DPS, create anointments that complement styles of gameplay or weapon preference.

+% next reload speed after a critical kill

+X% damage, -X% accuracy (always active)

X% damage converted to X element

-x% rate of fire, +x% damage and the opposite (so DPS is the same but how it’s delivered changes)

Things like that… I don’t have a lot of imagination but I’m sure interesting things could be made that change gameplay in an interesting way and allow to experiment with various builds based also on anointments.