Anoitment vs Anoitment

I was wondering if anyone knew which of these two anoitments is stronger.

150% bonus radiation damage when under 50% health.
300% increased damage to enemies above 90% health.

Both are on a fire element Broosin. Used by my fire and shield moze. So I get the 150% permanently. But DPS wise I’m not sure which anoitment I should use.

As long you under 50% you should get permanent Rad damage. 300% one is affective for multi-health enemies. Once you reach to their final health bar and under 90% the anointment stops working

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If you can get close to one-shotting them, the 300 anointment is better. I don’t know about the broosin (do you mean Kaoson?) but if it’s an SMG or something that doesn’t 1 shot, then the 150 rad will be better most of the time.

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I believe the name was broosin, it’s a COV assault rifle that shoot x3 or x4, or so are the two I have. And so fare has only come in fire.

I looked it up its a NoPewPew with Broosin prefix or suffix lol.

Someone just wrote (I think I found it in Mozes top gear thread):
Using 150rad full time is a mistake, you want to use 300/90 primarily and 150rad to clean up.


Eh, spending 2 gear slots on a single weapon and needing to swap between them for any enemy that doesn’t die before the 90% threshold? Especially on an AR, which is guaranteed to hit that threshold anyway since they don’t have 1 shot power…Nah fam, just stick with 1 anoint that works all the time.


So in the case a AR the 150% is better. And for things such as launchers and snipers the 300 is better.

The idea of a 300 on a x2 yellowcake sounds nice lol.

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Radiation damage doesn’t do well against armored enemies so 300/90 would be better since you can also match elements (which you should be doing, unless you’re using a massively overperforming weapon like a Yellowcake).

Also, the Totally Radical Mayhem modifier says hi.

Me, too. I’m running a Frontloader/Pearl Setup on Fl4k and don’t even bother with a 300v2 unless it’s on an Unssen Threat.
The 150rad is great.
I just wanted to give another perspective that I found here. I think going for the 1 shot w/ 300vs and then cleaning up with the other anoint works nicely though.

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300v2 on big hitting weapons or on enemies with more than one health bar and 150 rad on everything but armour. It depends on what you get on what.
To use the rad one efficiently you have to forfeit health gate, and I’m not a fan of it for that reason tho…

I was sceptical at first as well. But on Fl4k w/ a red fang com you can make it work quite nicely as it draws the aggro off you when GB is up.

You’re using a Fire Elemental gun on a Fire Moze. The Radiation damage will help that break through shields, and together they’ll do some work vs armor, though not great. Have a cryo or Corrosive on hand for swapping for that, but all around, for the gun and setup you have, the Broosin will be more reliable with URad than 300/90.

However, there’s also the fact that it’s fire. So, 300/90 will break the top bars and then your fire will crush the health bar anyway.

So, the truth is. They’ll have similar mileage, just in different ways. But if you’re already set to be below the threshold for URad, I say go for that.


The 150 under 50 is constant 150 extra dmg moze with a splash build take advantage of this really well. The 300 over 90 is good to but sometimes if you dont get lots of dmg in b4 the 90% is gone you end up switching to a diffrent weapon to finish them off. Both have great uses though!!

300v90 for heavies, snipers, maybe certain shotguns (Lob?) and high-damage pistols; also on anything used for shield/armor stripping vs BAs, some bosses.

Rad 150 for high-FR things that can’t 1-shot.
I’d much rather have the consistency of 150 rad on something like a Kaoson or Monarch or OPQ.

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OPQ system notably double dips that anointment with the splash, and you can one tap trash mobs easily with it. Lots of damage to badasses too.

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I was under the impression that the bonus elemental dmg from the 150 URad anointment get no Splash.
At least thst’s what I understood from the Guide to Fl4ks Damage Formula.


The URad doesn’t get the splash multiplier. But the splash gets the URad multiplier.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the clarification. Not a native speaker so I must have misread that.