Another 15GB update?

Hey guys, as you know the patch came out today, GBX claimed the update for pc was 1.6gb, but mine was updating at 2.3gb.

The main point is, once I’ve updated my battleborn, I played a few games and I logged out, only to see my battleborn is again updating, but 15gb of file size this time.

Can anyone/devs explain what 15gb file is this?

Weird, my update was 1.6 gigs on PS4.

1,7 for my system.

Somewhere around 2 on XB1 (2.3?), and just the one.

That’s super weird… Look at my snapshot below

1st update: 2.3GB
2nd update: 15GB

Maybe getting a jump start on Thursday? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow…