Another alternative to Battleborn Unlocks

You see I am going to start this off with me stating the only characters I care about are locked behind high command ranks or annoying challenges, now my issue with this is I don’t have hours upon hours a day to grind it out and unlock the characters. To be forced to struggle with characters I could care less about with no real quick way to get the ones I really want is just annoying.

My only request is for Gearbox to simply hear me out. If I had time I would grind them out but I am here on this forum to suggest that we can either buy the Battleborn with real currency or a system that allows us to unlock a character with in-game credits (for those with a little more time to grind that stuff.) I am loving this game but I find it very hard to stick with it for very long when my characters don’t have any pull towards me or what I want to play as.

Thanks for the read.

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It doesn’t take long at all to start unlocking characters, most of the challenges are super easy, play through some story missions, play a few games with one character from each faction, etc.

Besides that, who on earth wouldn’t want to play each character at least a time or two so they can understand how they work? That’s researching the enemy! By the time I played through all of the characters through the story and online, I’d found new characters I did like, unlocked a handful more to try, and was certainly not bored.

Unless you’ve got your heart sent on Ghalt or Deande, it really isn’t that rough to get people unlocked.

I hear you and all, but my experience with the characters I have played so far is rather underwhelming. I played Oscar Mike and didnt like that type of play, I tried Benedict and he just seemed too slow attack wise for me to believe he is going to work for me, I tried Whiskey Foxtrot thinking he would be a close range damage dealing character that can also dabble in longer ranges but was terribly disappointed with his damage output he hardly seems like an assassin to me, and I didn’t buy this game to play melee characters and get lost in all the confusion and effects not to mention melee characters are pretty much always a high risk when trying to fight anyone compared to a ranged user.

The problem is how long it takes to unlock everyone and the fact that I don’t have the time to unlock everyone the right way. What would be so bad about an option to pay for Battleborn?

That would introduce microtransactions. Not only would that alienate a large crowd of the player base, it would start a slippery slope that would quickly end with the game being f2p and full of microtransactions. If they give you characters for real money, then someone else will cry for gear packs to be available for real money, or lore unlocks for real money, title unlocks for real money, etc.

It would spell the doom of this game.

I get your concerns about getting to high command ranks just for the few characters you want but I think the intention is to give you something to work towards so you keep playing. I’m quite happy playing a wide range of characters though so it doesn’t bother me too much.

They already planned on adding in micro transactions for Battleborn skins who’s to say that isn’t also a slippery slope? To be reasonable I find it hard to believe given the chance to buy Battleborn would make people want to buy lore challenges also since some lore challenges require to play with certain Battleborn making it more likely to get paired with them if you are able to get an early start on that character.

It very well may be a slippery slope to doom, but it may very well work in everyone’s favor at the same time.

Actually, the DLC/Season Pass comes with character unlock tokens, which can be used on ANY character, not just the DLC characters. Just saying.

But it literally won’t.
If they introduce F2P-level microtransactions for a $60 game it’s PR suicide and WILL kill this game almost immediately.

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I see your concern, but the thing is, by your own admission the problem is just that you’re ‘only interested’ in the higher-tier, harder-to-unlock characters. That’s no fault of the game. Some characters are just going to be harder to unlock than others, that’s how progression systems work, and it’s not like there aren’t a ton to play with on the way. It sounds like you’re trying to avoid melee, have you tried Thorn or Orendi? I’ve found Thorn quite good at long range, and Orendi I’ve played a sort of mid-range character who has a few ‘oops you’re too close to me’ options. Or Marquis, I’m pretty sure he’s a sniper, if you want to go way long. And those are just the ones who come unlocked from the start - for I, like you, have little time to play right now, and have unlocked very little. Sure, that puts some characters a little out of my immediate reach, but eh, that’s just how these things work. Just means I have a goal to aim for.

I really do not like the idea of introducing real-money unlocks. Along with just the microtransactions being a slippery slope, it turns a game into pay-to-win, in a way. I already paid $60 for the game, but if I pay more I get an advantage over people who don’t - stronger characters sooner. A slippery slope to doom does not tend to work in people’s favor - it still leads to doom in the end, after all, and nobody wants that. Now if it was credit unlocks, well, okay, that’s just an in-game currency grind - but really in that case you might as well just work towards one of the two ways they can be unlocked already. They already gave us 2 options per character. Some are just meant to be harder to obtain than others.

And really if you absolutely have to have an unlock without earning it in-game, as was already said the season pass and eventual DLC’s will come with unlock tokens which can be used to instantly unlock a character of your choice - I think there will be 5 in total. It means a little patience waiting for the DLC’s to hit, but in a way, there’s your real-money unlock right there.

I see the point, but in my post I also suggested an in-game credits unlock also where there wouldn’t be real money involved that could certainly work right?

I suppose it could, but in fairness, the characters who are meant to be difficult to unlock would probably cost enough credits so as to not make it actually be a faster way to unlock them. Because making all the characters cost the same number of credits would invalidate the people who did do the work to unlock them the ‘hard way’. I mean, it wouldn’t bother me to see credit unlocks put in the game, I’m just not sure they’d solve your problem, and if they were implemented in a way that did - all characters being the same, (relatively) cheap price - it’d probably upset other people? I dunno I guess I just think if you can grind the credits, you can grind the command XP (and probably would in the process).

I’m going to give Benedict a trial run today, I like the idea of him but have to see how the mechanics really work.

Question for anyone who knows, when Benedict reloads the launcher does each shell count as a full reload? I have a gear that gives faster reload for five seconds after a reload so I’m wondering if after the first shell he’ll load the rest faster.

What system do you play on? I don’t know much about Benedict yet, though he’s one I’m looking forward to trying out, but if you want help to grind for those tougher unlocks, I’m on PS4 and would be happy to offer assistance when I can.

IMO, it would been nice that, at the start of the game, you could unlock ONE character, the one you like the most or at least the one you plan to main, and then grind for the others on a rotational fasshion. like, you got deande and now you need to reach level 34 to unlock thorn instead. dunno. still i already unlocked them all, so it’s not a big deal for me.

also, im guessing alani will unlock at lv 70 or something like that, but id like to know how dlc characters unlock if you didn’t brought the season pass. if they ar free for everyone (and no visible unlock condition) , i don’t see a point in character key unlocks.

anyone knows?