Another anti-ghost post

Casual gamer here, and one who plays just for fun. Overall BL3 is fantastic and other than the redundant boss fights (run around randomly and shoot back once in a while being the only real tactic) I am having fun.
The ghosts are not fun. They detract from the plot and turn properly challenging fights into respawn mills. Not having a way to toggle them off is just bad design / programming.
And now I have to wonder what other non-optional “events” lie ahead. Will we be lurching from Claptrap Brown and the Great Pumpkin this month to Frosty the Psychoman in December?
I bought the game to play Borderlands 3, not Gimmicklands.
When it goes back to that, or even add an option to turn this crap off, I will play again. Until then the disk goes back on the shelf.
And I will be wary indeed of getting any other games in the series unless this type of unavoidable DLC is addressed from the outset.
-The Foehammers

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Gearbox has already posted that they are looking into ways to let players avoid events in the future.

Whether this actually happens or happens in a reasonable timeframe we don’t know.

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If you have to put “another” in the thread title in all likelihood the topic has been beat to death already. Developers have already commented and plenty of places to add your comments to those.