Another B*tchfest from me. Done the takedown M4 w 4 people about 15 times the past few days. 1 drop, 3 blue screens, WTF

Just venting but really? Warframe runs a far more open platform, and yet I rarely come into game stopping errors over months of play. I get one every other day here. And the last was right after defeating wotan M4. Ran to legendaries…blue death. No glitches used, not unusual gameplay, no enemies in arena. Before that one? Was solo sorting my gear with my safe. Had 30 supreme weapons on the floor while I take the unnecessary out of my safe. And bong, blue screen. If not for cloud save I’d have lost stuff losers sell on eBay for $5. WTF??? Unacceptable!

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About that I d advise people to avoid dropping stuff on the floor after a prolonged gameplay session especiaĺly in the takedown. I had this blue screens on ps4 after Valkyrie sqad a couple of times, seems to be a memory issue.Opened a ticket about that before but they wanted a video and I was not able to reproduce

I agree. I work full time and have 2 kids. I have very little time to grind for the gear. I have had off all week for the Christmas break and decided to grind the Maliwan takedown. I have run it for 8 hours a day for the last 3 days and I have not gotten a Kyb’s, the MP4 or really any other decent weapon. I really love this game but the drop rate on actual weapons I can use on Mayhem 4 is terrible and not worth my time. Everyone talks about these “losers” online that sell weapons. Well those losers allow me to actual create builds that I can actually use my characters on M4. If the rate does not change I will not be playing this game in the future.

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Jason, I understand that farming weapons is time consuming and maybe for those with kids and limited time, seems unreasonable. But we all have situations that limit our play time. Luckily the community is here to trade and straight up give weapons we find with no one actually spending money.
Are you a PS4 player by chance? I’d be happy to donate good gear if you are. Just tell me your character. If not, I’m sure others can help you on your console/PC.
A lot of the joy of this game comes from finding what you’re looking for. But even us that play more than we should look to others to help out when we don’t get the gear we grind for.
The community can help. At no cost to you. So just let us know.
My psn is: angotti81 If you need build help on ps4 let me know, and I’ll help out when I can.

Maybe. But the last time no one dropped anything. And in my solo game, reorganizing my inventory/bank should never crash a game. I’ve even gotten the blue screen offline.

make sure to shoot the legs after the tackdown for extra loot.

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Yes!!! This too! Good tip!

Whoops, meant to respond to you. Regard my previous post Jason. If I can help I will.

Wow thank you so much!!! I am on PS4. I would love gear for my Zane build and Flak build. I’m looking for gear with 125 splash damage increase and Rak attack perks. Also bonuses on when STNL is active. I have had to buy these things and it seems silly but I have not found anyone that would help. I have joined different discord’s that say item sharing and it turns out to be a bunch of people looking for gear with no one actually wanting to trade or offer duplicated items. My PSN is IMTEP_3

I’m an amara main but I’ll contribute what I can

FR sent

Store all your inventory, ill invite

I just accepted the friend request and I am headed now to store my inventory

K i’ll invite in 5 mins

it is not related, I just meant it is super risky if you don t have a cloud autosave

Actually I turn off autosave lol. I’d elaborate but maybe you get my drift

Hey did you have an artifact that gave 183 damage boost?? I swear I picked it up. But I don’t see it now. Was I dreaming lol

Thing is though, farming was the principle of how this game works. I have farmed for class mods from the recommended areas, Katagawa, Gigamind, Ward, and seen little. Same is true of the Cutsman, Barrage, Helix, and I can make quite the list. While I work a full time job, take care of family I had no problem in bl2 getting loot I was chasing or 1 for that matter with the exception of the ogre in that game. Point is though in this the drop rate chance for designated legendaries is too low, too many folks content creators and many folks I affiliate with have come to this conclusion. In other games sure there was trading but it usually was for exceedingly rare items. Not where you knew where they were. For me I spend several hours a day farming items and on m4 or 3. Trading let alone paying as I’m hearing folks are doing shouldnt be something players focus on. I am however very glad to hear that Gearbox is indeed looking into it and when it is addressed will make so many of us happy.

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It is severely unbalanced. The DLC drops? Plentiful!!! Maliwan? Terrible!! Plus those great mods are a pain to get even the easier spirit driver.

But yes, Despite my gripes w/ the story, I’m very happy with the dlc. Just wish it was longer and had at least one raid boss!

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