Another bank bites the dust

This bank bug is game breaking. How the hell can a triple A title have such a massive issue? After 6 1/2 days of play time i have lost nearly everything to this ■■■■■■■ bug. Why the hell is there no legal repercussions for these companies selling such flagrantly unpolished turds? First you went with EGS even after the known issues and poorly implemented games launcher/store, then the absolute HORRID performance of this game(Doom runs at 80-100 fps on my PC at 4k Ultra Nightmare settings…) which is unexcusable for ANY triple A game, and then I can’t even rely on the ingame code to keep items in my bank safe after farming for days to get??? Fix your ■■■■ or start handing out refunds. I didn’t pay $100 for you to slap my face with your own incompetence.