Another big disappointment

I am new here and I am sure there are plenty of “be nice” policies, so I will be as diplomatic as possible.

I love the Borderland series as most gamers do, but I have never felt so taken advantage of by a game franchise. I am older than I would like to admit, so I do have a lot of experience with game prices, evolution, and fair commerce practices.

I have two things to vent about. When they announced TPS, they said they were not going to put out a PS4 version. I already had my PS4 and even though I decided not to get TPS for PS3, I eventually broke down and got it. THEN they put out the Handsome Collection and YES, I bought that too because I tore down my PS3. So thanks a lot for that.

Then today I found out about the new DLC that was free for a month until 4 days ago. Sweet. I am really happy. And I will faithfully buy Borderlands 3 when it comes out. So I guess that’s why they can do whatever they want.


they didn’t. they released both games later as a remastered collection, that isn’t the same as releasing the game for PS4 as separate entity. I don’t know what the point of all this is?

The point is that they are let down that they only now found out about the new DLC and have to pay for it because they missed the free window. So they are doubly disappointed since they already felt mislead when they bought TPS on the PS3 because they didn’t think there would be a version of any sort on the PS4.