Another Bola's Target Finder Rant Thread

Just about to win a match last night - we were doing better in almost every way, with only one of them having a bola’s, then two of them activated the Target Finder at nearly the same time. That’s when it went south. We had them beat before that.

The loss wasn’t entirely the fault of the Finder, but it played a big part IMO. So, please, Gearbox, tell me - the Target Finder IS getting nerfed in this update, right? Right? Please tell me so.


I’ll never understand why they didn’t address it in some capacity months ago (deactivate it even if they really couldn’t do anything else about it), but it makes the game substantially less fun.

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You know whats ■■■■■■■■? When the enemy has a kelvin with the legendary that reset cooldowns when his hp drops to 25% and all his team run bolas target.

First match my team were just fooling around, you know just having fun and using w.e we wanted. Kelvin stuned us 4 times alone.

Next time we learned what this players atempted to do and we countered them WITHOUT bolas and won. This time we were ready for what they were going to do.

Bolas yeah dmg boost yara yara but when a single character hit lvl 5 and can stun someone 4 times alone, thats broken ■■■■.


Doesn’t have to be one or the other, they’re both broken and both should have been addressed in some capacity months ago


The thing is we won, we won vs broken gear, we learned-adapted and countered their strategy.

The only character i think makes bolas broken is an orendi lvl 10, actually nvm orendi lvl10 is the broken ■■■■.

A good orendi is just waiting untill the enemy gets close to each other to deal 3k dmg in a single burst.


Theoretically you can overcome broken gear and characters, sure, but you shouldn’t have to.

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I wouldnt call them broken, broken the gear that made u inmun to damage all match or the 0 shield recharge delay or the 0 cooldown or a galilea i faced a couple of weeks ago.

They fixed or disabled those broken gears rly rly fast. And im happy.

If you in theory overcome them, that means you are a better player!!! Feel proud of yourself.


Ever fought a competent Marquis or ISIC with bolas activated?


It’s a cheap tactic using it on those characters, but not broken.

Open for business!

Also, the Bolas are still highly toxic!


ISIC can constantly reapply the effect. There’s no way that was intended.


Perhaps “overpowered” would’ve been a better word than “broken.” I’m a little confused as to the message you’re trying to get across though, it almost reads as if you’re somehow advocating against balance. We’re in agreement that a significantly more skilled and/or coordinated player or team can overcome somebody using a character and/or piece of gear that is overpowered, but that doesn’t mean it’s balanced or shouldn’t be addressed. I’m not sure if you fully understand Bola’s if you think it’s only particularly effective on a level 10 Orendi though, you realize there’s a fairly long list of characters that can activate Bola’s with simply their passive abilities, right? Being able to amplify 12.6% damage to a target from all sources and continually reapply it is unreasonably strong.


Isic, miko, marquis and that’s off the top of my head

The only character its balenced with (Or was, post BP35 through 44) Was Mellka. During those days, she had nothing, and having venom activate it was a nice touch, and still is, as it actually buffs her damage potential to what Venom was.

Currently, could be bonkers with CL at level 10 on a venomed target.
Salivates at the thought of a 1.5k Claw Lunge
Oh, Yeah.

Seems like as good a place as any to ask since we brought up marquis. Is his passive considered skill damage? So stacking skill dam gear makes his passive hit harder (and therefor procs bolas)?

So, did some testing in Dojo. Skill damage amplifies the damage on the third shot (or second if you took Efficiency at level 5). Bola’s debuff only applies on the final hit of the passive, not each bullet.

Skill damage is viable for Marquis, but not as good as straight attack damage. Let’s say you took Efficiency for Marquis and you are using a 9.1% skill damage. It would only give a buff to the Passive’s damage so that would be 1/5 of your damage on every other shot. So it’s a 9.1% increase to 1/10 of your damage compared to attack damage being a 9.1% increase to all of your damage. But it’s also worth considering skill damage on Marquis because of his levels 4 and 8 wave clear helixes doing great skill damage throughout a game.

Bola’s however, is definitely strong on Marquis since he can proc it with every other shot of his gun and all of his skills being AoE for applying the debuff to multiple things with ease.

Lol I saw you in the dojo earlier actually. Thought it was a little odd to see so many marquis with bolas. Now that I know about the skill dam I guess I could revise his load out again

I think the most broken thing - as mentioned in this thread - is how it works with certain characters passives. I’m not sure Ernest’s, ISIC, Marquis primary and even things like Whiskey’s ultimate should benefit from two stats simultaneously. Being able to apply the effect with a primary attack seems like an unintentional side effect of this.

Just a thought as a balance change; would people consider it balanced if it only increased Skill damage taken by 12% rather than all damage?

Yes over powered is the right word.

Melka, miko, “thorn”, isic, marquis, ernest, galilea, ghalt(i think his last shots).

Perfect bolas would be an extra 9.x% skill dmg just to yourself.

3rd stat should be balanced around how hard is to activate its effect.

Balance of the game is something obviously i can be wrong as i dont have enough knowledge of the game (like the internal performance of the game and players)