Another "Did not get my 75 Keys" thread

(Luciifero) #1

Hi, i didn’t get either golden weapons or my 75 keys. I sent a ticket 4 days ago when enhanced dropped but i didn’t get a response yet.
I have 1, Pre-Sequel and 2 on my steam and have for several years.
I did sign into Shift on all 3 games, i just double checked each one.
I did restart the game and steam.
I checked the chest in fyrestone which states 0 keys.
I would really like to avoid making another shift account just for this.
Can i get help? Thanks.

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Golden keys for steam handsome collection for steam
(Cheersploding as I type!) #2

Please submit a support ticket here:

Oh, I see you did. Cool. My guess is that gearbox are receiving a lot of tickets at this time, so please be patient.

(Luciifero) #3

I’m waiting yes sir. 4 days seems a bit long for this kind of issue but i’ll try to wait more…

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(fluxxxus) #4

Same Problem here. I did not get my 75 keys.

I have the Handsome Collection with BL2 and BL-TPS installed in Steam. Last week I purchased BL GOTY Enhanced. In all three games I am connected with SHiFT, and my SHiFT account is connected to Steam. But I did not get the promised 75 keys in GOTY Enhanced.

Last week I sent a support ticket, but did not get a response yet.

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(Luciifero) #5

We play the waiting game brother.