Another example of Gearbox's numbers being misleading

I’m getting really fed up of constantly looking at numbers on item cards and using them to compare things, only to use the item and realise I’ve been lied to. The same with skills and anointments and so many other things.
Picked up this gun today, with a level 16 VH:

And noticed the underslung shotgun dealt good damage. It had double the number of projectiles of other underslung shotguns I’d found, so I thought I’d give it a go.

“6 shot” my arse, the bloody thing eats two ammo per shot. That’s three, I repeat, THREE shots, before it’s empty and I need to wait for it to regen ammo.
This is a “3 shot shotgun that deals 13x20 damage for 2 ammo”, but once again gearbox numbers decided to lie or just give bad information.
Honestly, I’d have been fine with it consuming double ammo, if it’d had a 12 round magazine for the shotgun, or I’d have been fine with it being a three shot shotgun, if the description had told me that. I just don’t like being lied to.
Anyone else feeling like this?

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I agree the information is bad. Yes.

Many shotguns will have increased ammo consumption when they have increased pellet count.

Yes, they could/should have put a modifier in to reduce the 6 to 3 if there was increased consumption.

I would consider it more of a programmer overlook than a blatant lie.

They DO seem to love fixing these printing errors to show they are working on things so I would suggest submitting a ticket.


You have info on the card that this gun consumes 2 ammo per shot.



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I agree the wording is a little confusing but it’s a little strong to call it a lie.

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That’s not technically lying, it’s just somewhat poor implementation.
The 6 shot shotgun mode doesn’t mean you get 6 shots off, but that the shotgun mode has a mag size of 6.
However, the gun is also annexed, that means it fires additional projectiles at an increased ammo cost. I don’t know how many additional shotgun pellets that translates to (for standard firing it just means 2 bullets are fired with every shot), but it generally just means that every shot costs you an additional bullet.


what are you talking about it says two ammo per shot right there!

Yeah, and that’s good, but it’s still annoying to keep finding misleading information in a game that’s 9 months old now. Why hasn’t this sort of thing been fixed by now? Just frustrating.

Yeah, that’s fine, but a “6 shot” shotgun, that consumes two ammo per shot, should have a 12 round mag. I can only fire 3 shots, not 6. That’s my point. I’m fine with it consuming 2 ammo (though I’d assume this applied to the main gun, as I’m not sure all underslung weapons consume the same amount of ammo per shot), but it doesn’t fire the right number of shots.

I’m fine with calling it bad information, though since gearbox must know how their code works and are giving false information, that is a lie, by definition.
Yeah, it should say 6 round magazine shotgun, not 6 shot shotgun, I agree, since that’s clearly what it meant. Just annoying that it doesn’t say that.
And yeah, seems to be double projectiles for double ammo, with slightly less damage per projectile, which is fair. Just needs an accurate description on the item card.

If it fires two shots at once, and you fire it three times, that’s six shots.


It doesn’t. Either it fires one shot (which is what I’m saying) per trigger pull, or it fires 20. How is it firing two?

Depends on the definition used, but generally I’d only call something a lie if there’s an intent to deceive people. Calling someone a liar is after all also a moral judgement and I don’t think this example has anything to do with morals.
Gearbox has no reason not to be honest with this. It’s simply unclear wording, possibly because GBX didn’t consider that extra projectile parts would also impact the ammo usage of underbarrel attachment and thus thought that “x shot shotgun” was a good way to communicate the mag size of the shotgun.


I’d use the definition that a lie is stating something which you believe to be untrue. There’s are other forms of deception, including lies by omission, etc, as you say. But, yeah, my point was that the information is false.
And I was saying that the numbers themselves were lying, rather than gearbox, though since gearbox put those numbers and descriptions in the game, I guess I was also calling them liars, in a sense. It’s just frustrating that so often the in-game descriptions don’t match what the code actually does and it feels like being lied to repeatedly.

I can get that this might be what they were trying to convey, with “number of shots = magazine size”, but it seems obvious that if any weapons use multiple ammo on the shotgun, that information won’t be accurate.

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All these words up in here.

N all da man wants are better words.

Say word

Mag has 6 rounds, uses 2 per shot.

6 divided by 2 equals 3.

As has been said, the information is there clear as day surely :thinking:

As for claims of lying, I believe that is referred to as hyperbole by the kids on the net nowadays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It evidently does in practice or we wouldn’t be here, eh?

This forum has become a cess pool of negativity.


Title edited to be less inflammatory, especially since (as pointed out in the thread) a careful reading of the card details shows the numbers add up.

I agree. I’m not sure I understand how this particular item card is confusing. It says it consumes two ammo per shot.

The main gun has a 40 round clip, so you can fire 20 shots off. The same 2 round consumption is on the shotgun too. That is not a lie lol

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Indeed, I think I would conclude the wording on the card, whilst mathematically accurate is presented in such a way as to be open to misinterpretation.

Inform Gearbox through a ticket submission and move on.

I see Adundant is still out there :grin:

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To start, I have yet to see GBX really lie about anything.

Yes, sometimes the cards can be confusing. It is often more a lack of clarity than anything else. BL Math in general takes some getting used to, and this dates back to all prior games.

It never hurts to ask questions. For the most part, the BL forums have nothing but helpful people.
Starting off with accusations is not the best way to start…

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