Another example of Gearbox's numbers being misleading

I think you’re not far off from each other but I’d include “intentionally” before “stating.” Many people make slips of the tongue on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean they are lying. Often it’s just poor word choice, which I think seems to be the case here. You’d have to wonder what benefit they’d get from intentionally trying to mislead people in this instance and it seems far more likely that the words as stated don’t convey the message they intended, rather than that they lied

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Might help to think of it as a double barreled shotgun with a 6 shot magazine. You HAVE six shots it is just consuming two at a time to get that high pellet count.

It’s wrong and I raised it, therefore it must be right? I don’t understand your logic.

No, they really don’t. Hence the thread. I’m fine with the title change, but the numbers don’t add up.

“two ammo per shot” + “6 round magazine” = 3 shots per magazine.
“6 shot shotgun” + “two ammo per shot” = 12 round magazine.
The maths is simple, the words on the card are misleading.

My statement was their NUMBERS lied. Fine with that being changed to the numbers are misleading, but I’m talking about the numbers not gearbox.

And that’s my point. The numbers are misleading and we often need to actually use the item to find out that they don’t work the way they “should”.
As for asking questions, my question was is anyone else fed up with the misleading numbers, so I needed to point out the misleading numbers to ask the question. Seems like the answer is that not everyone finds this example misleading, but people don’t like misleading info otherwise.

I get what you’re saying, but I’d say that a double barrel shotgun fires one shot with both barrels. Not two shots. And the game seems to agree everywhere else, because double-barreled weapons usually state “consumes two ammo per shot” meaning that each time you fire with both barrels it counts as one shot.

That’s my point. The card states that one shot consumes two ammo, so every time I consume two ammo, that must be one shot, or else that part of the card is misleading (I’ll stick to misleading). Every time I pull the trigger, the shotgun consumes 2 ammo and fires a shot, and after doing this three times, I run out of ammo. However you view this, some part of the card is misleading.
A “6 shot” weapon that “consumes two ammo per shot” should consume 12 ammo and fire 6 shots, not consume 6 ammo and fire 3 shots.

Apologies for long reply to explain further.

OP you can view parts on the gun right?

Check out what each part says.

Its different from the base gun. You must have a special part. So thr base gun woukd do as the card says but because you have a special part its a mutator. Its common in borderlands.

the card would probably do even more damage than it says in shotgun mode.

You dont need a guide or dictionary just look at the parts. Prefixes change a gun this has existed since bl1.
Along with ammo spent discrepancies.

It only gets worse once you hit Mayhem. The lesson is, you’ll just have to try out the weapons for yourself or follow the many guides.

It is annoying, but it’s not malice, just poorly documented and implemented parts system/scoring.

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Number of shots in a magazine=/=number of times a gun fires… It’s so simple… This gun fires two rounds of ammunition per trigger pull of the six in the magazine and it makes complete sense.
Besides this is the way Borderlands has always dealt with guns that consume X amount of ammo power shot.
By this logic the damage is also a lie because the gun does not deal 18 damage since modifiers get in the way.

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I’ll respond to this since I’m one of the people swimming in the “cesspool of negativity”.

The game wasn’t free for me so for me and anyone else who paid not only for the game but the season pass we have every right to voice our disappointment. GBX had plenty of time to design and troubleshoot this game BEFORE release instead they opted to release a broken game that is basically in beta.

They obviously did minimal testing and that’s why pretty much everything is broken in some way. I’ve said it all along that the misleading started when the promos showed FL4K commanding ALL their pets at once and that was not the case. They advertised a “bazillion guns” yet most people only use about 10. The only VH who hasn’t had massive nerf/buffs is Amara and from what I hear using certain skills or abilities with her crashes the game for some. Alot of the skills don’t work correctly or as advertised (of course I can go on)

it’s clear that GBX doesn’t really care about “the community” like they say. That’s just PR talk.

If they really “cared” they would have shutdown the game and fix the things wrong with the basic fundamentals of the game so when they release DLC or new content it doesn’t screw up multiple things in other areas.

And let’s be real how good does the future look when we all know that many of the programmers who worked on this game got fleeced by RP? I’m sure all the top people want a part of that.

I speak the way I do bcuz when the game does “work” it’s a blast to play. Truth is they ruined an amazing franchise. I haven’t played since Mayhem 2.WOAH and every time I come to the forums looking for hope all I see is other people discussing what’s wrong this week.

I’m passed the “they know what they’re doing” and “give them more time.” They have no clue what to do that’s why they make so many knee jerk reactions.

So NOW they are doing some testing and decide to postpone the new event bcuz they know what will happen? Sorry, not falling for it. They had their chance. The shtick is getting old.
Not trying to be offensive or anything but I just don’t see it as negativity when there are crucial things very wrong in the games mechanics and some people point them out.

P.S. Not having Mayhem level of the weapons dropping when they can be anywhere from M1-M10? How was that overlooked?!?!


This was aimed at nobody in particular, I just came here and voiced an opinion like you just did. That said …

Absolutely correct, Hell I even paid all that money too. One thing I’m not doing is coming here and cursing at Gearbox, insulting developers, and acting like the sky is falling. If that $100 was such a large investment then I would suggest not purchasing the game immediately after launch or pre-ordering.

We all can fill out tickets with support and come here and give notifications of bugs and issues we find. What is uncalled for is disrespect and whining like a grade schooler.

I totally agree. When I put on my CV ‘’ Im very Industryeos in the face of cosmic Terror’’… I didnt get the job.

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Stating opinion as fact isn’t really helping folks empathise with you bud.

Think you mean “number of bullets in a magazine”, since shots are bullets leaving the gun. Number of shots=number of times gun fires. But, I’ll assume you meant bullets, so…
Still no. The magazine of the main gun might work that way, because the magazine is the amount of ammo inside the gun. The underslung shotgun is described differently though. Instead of a magazine size stat, it has a “X shots” stat, and given that the weapon already states “consumes two ammo per shot” it must fire one shot for each two ammo in the shotgun magazine. It has 6 in the magazine, so it has 3 shots.

As far as I know (from years of playing the games), no previous game has ever stated the number of “shots” a gun fires. They all have magazine size stats. This is a new issue, caused by underslung weapons having a different description, in this case talking about shots.

I disagree. The gun deals the right amount of damage (unless it’s misleading too), but all the other modifiers add to (or subtract from) that damage as well. The total damage might not equal the damage on the card, but it should still be the correct amount of damage based on those modifiers (E.G. if the gun deals 18 damage and I have 1 +50% damage modifier, it should be doing 27 damage, otherwise something is wrong).
In this case, the gun isn’t being modified by anything else in the game. It just behaves differently from the way the card states, as standard.

Yeah, but that doesn’t fix the misleading info on the item card. Doesn’t matter if the item parts give accurate info, if the card states something wrong.

Why does this even matter? You can shoot the gun once and see what it does pretty clearly

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So what’s the point of having an item card? You can use the item and see what it does.
The item card is there for quick and easy reference, so you can see how an item works and compare it to others. If the information is wrong, or misleading, this doesn’t work.

Sure, but that brings me back to the original point - the card makes sense to me and to many other people who’ve responded.

My point was if you are unclear how something works, the best way is to test it out. No disrespect.

No disrespect, but if it makes sense to you, that’s your issue. The facts stated are clear are contradictory. Sure, you can figure out what was intended by testing the weapon, but the issue is that the actual information is wrong. If I gave you a cake with ingredients written on it, and those ingredients were wrong, the response isn’t taste it and figure out the real ones, but asking why the ingredients listed are wrong.

That analogy doesn’t make sense in this situation, but we can run with it. If you take the item card as a list of ingredients, one of the ingredients is ‘consumes 2 ammo per shot’.

You seem really hung up on the fact that it says ‘6 shot shotgun’. I understand that your impression would be that it would indeed be able to fire 6 times. However, one of the main ingredients for this weapon is that it consumes 2 ammo per shot, hence 3 shots.

I still don’t really see how it’s misleading if it states the rules right there but that’s just my viewpoint of it. If they said ‘6 round’ shotgun would that make it clearer?


Exactly. That’s my point. It’s a 3 shot shotgun. But it says it’s a 6 shot. You’re agreeing with me and still saying you don’t understand my point.

YES! That would be great. “6 round” or “6 ammo” or “6 magazine”… etc. ANYTHING that refers to the magazine size, instead of the number of times I can pull the trigger (shots).
Unless it also stated it consumed 2 ammo “per round” or something, calling it a “6 round” shotgun that “consumes 2 ammo per shot” differentiates the shots (which use 2 ammo) from the magazine (which contains 6 ammo/rounds) and makes it clear how the gun works (pulling the trigger fires 1 shot, which uses 2 ammo and empties 1/3rd of the magazine).

But that’s the point, if it didn’t have the ‘consumes 2 ammo’ modifier then it would fire 6 shots in that case.

Since it has that modifier, it only can fire 3 shots.