Another feedback about the update!

Hello forum members! Hello Gearbox! Hello fellow Battleborns!
I think the devs will read every topic stealthily, because they are actually care about us, and they are here in the forums. I just want to share my opinion about the patch, and the DLC. :slight_smile: Just thoughts, nothing more:

The hidden CR rank is actually a good idea. I like it a lot. Its not the best thing by the way, but for a temporary solution, its just fine.

Bodyblock is gone, sometimes it was a disaster, im happy with this.

The idea of the stronger minions is great, but there is 1 huge problem with this: We all know right know there is no proper matchmaking system, and with this stronger minion system the low lvl players are STRUGGLING MORE THAN EVER against high level players. Basically, for the low level players the gamemode is harder then ever, and for lvl100 veterans its easier (against pugs), because they know how to handle minions, but new lvl players are not. If im with new guys, they cant do anything about the waves, and most of the matches are only 5-10 minutes long. I think the buff on the minions is a little too much, but the idea is great!

You guys need to rework Ghalt’s trap actually. I really love the change, i hated the stun, it was a cheap 1 dimensional boring t©rap. Right now, Ghalt has a few other strategy to play with, and the shotgun is really fun to use! But with the slow, for example lvl2 choices are meaningless, because no one stays in the trap, the enemy is walking away from the damage. You can pull through the enemy across the trap! This is a bad design right know.

The DLC dialogues are fun but its all over the place: sometimes it repeating itself, sometimes its jumping to other characters, so actually i dont understand the story. Im playing on public. The difficulty sometimes its really hard, sometimes its too easy. I think the DLC needs a “dialogue system” next time, because i missed a tons of dialogue, i guess.

I love this game. No one can update that. Or… whatever.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


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