Another Grenade Nerf?

So when are we going to get the list of stuff you nerfed in our nerf simulator? Wide reports online for grenade regen not working on Moze now after tonights 6.8GB update, not sure on other toons. I am also experiencing no regen on grenades on at least my Moze build.

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Yes! I know! I was just trying to find out something about this online. I was just playing Moze and yes my grenade regen isn’t working

First they came for FL4K and I said nothing…
Then they came for Moze and I said nothing…
Sheriff Amara you know your next…


The dev hate Moze. Every patch is a Moze nerf.

Thankfully outer worlds is out tomorrow.

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I won’t comment changes any more, but can say they promise mayhem and with this constant changes, mayhem it is