Another "How to Improve the Game" Topics

I was thinking on possible changes to Battleborn that may help make the game “better”. Mind you, everything I’m about to write is pure speculation and has no basis since I am kinda new to MOBAS and PvP games in general.

  • Ranked/Rated Mode: I know it’s been mentioned a lot around the forums and elsewhere, I also know that the Devs have expressed intent on making such a mode, but I think that this feature CANNOT come soon enough. IT NEEDS to happen. I’m honestly surprised that the game, which the devs seemed to WANT to be competitive, didn’t have a competitive mode. This is something that still baffles me. Hopefully by the time they release this feature it’s not too late.

  • Overhaul on how the gear system works. Everything from costs, number of gear, gear types, numbers, everything. It seems the devs really wanted a game where you can play a match with a character in a way that you adapt to the situations at hand. The Gear system is so gross right now I can’t even begin to describe it. Everything from gear types being 100% useless 99% of the time (I’m looking at you Shield Pen and -CC Duration gear), to Legendary Gear effects being so situational they might as well be a wasted slot.
    -Drafts Pick/Bans etc can help with this issue. See a team full of eldrid? No Shield Pen Gear. All the faction-related gear can work better if you know what characters you will be facing PRIOR to choosing your character and gear.
    -Varying costs based on gear power, balanced and useful effects, and useful and significant numbers is what all gear should strive to have. Also for gear with “Flawed” stats, it should be something that makes actual sense. Why have a Max Health piece of gear that has -Damage Reduction? Contradictory stats should NOT be a thing. Flaws such as -Max Health and -Attack Speed should also be avoided if not a single character can circumvent the downside because those flawed gear will inherently be 100% worse than any other piece of gear in the game.
    -I think there should be a MASTER GEARBOX. It’s an idea I’ve had where you basically fill a JUMBO Gearbox that can allow 10-20(number not really the point, just a larger number than 3). In this MASTER GEARBOX you can place certain gear that you will have access to IN-GAME on top of whatever Loadout you choose for that character. This will allow you to switch between gear throughout the match depending on various factors. So, you pick your loadout like normal, the 3 pieces of gear you start with, and then every time you recall or while you’re at base, you can open up the Master Gearbox and freely switch between the gears in your loadout and the ones in the MGbx. This will open up a bunch of strategy (in my opinion) and allow for a character to TRULY be built uniquely each and every game. (I will appreciate thoughts on this idea, I really like it but not sure if it’s something people would like).

  • Once Ranked games are up and running; Promote competitive play! Hold Tournaments, provide some sort of prize system for people to WANT to play and CONTINUE Playing. (Ranked-Locked Skins, taunts, command packs, marketplace items are things that would def. make me want to play and improve my ranking).

  • Battleborn has a thing for being different, which I do appreciate, but it’s possible to be different while offering something familiar and loved. People seem to like the traditional MOBA experience; let them have that. I suggest creating a “Traditional MOBA” game. It can draw people in who like that stuff and maybe while they’re here they’ll try out the other “Novel” modes. 2-3 Lanes, Towers, Jungle Camps, etc sound like it could be an absolute blast with that Gearbox/BB Flare.

  • Improve the items in that you’re charging MO’MONEY for. If you’re going to charge 5$+ for a skin, make it nice. Some of the items I’ve seen are very…lazy looking. People like flashy things, make 'em flashy! Even adding some new effects to a skin can elevate its appeal. Having a “snazzy recolor/retexture” usually isn’t anything to be excited about. Remodels and special (sound/visual) effects is what people seem to like.

  • This is a very personal opinion that shouldn’t really be considdered as an actual suggestion but it’s something I want to get off my chest.
    I appreciate that GBX likes to experiment and try new things with their art direction, but deep down I’m a bit disappointed at the rendering/modeling/w.e of some of the characters. The best Example I have is that in the concept art Alani looked really pretty and smooth and just overall aesthetically pleasing yet when I saw her in 3-D she looked really gaunt and awkward. An improvement to the 3-D models or w.e of the characters can make the game “prettier” and thus more appealing to others who aren’t used to that GBX-style. A lot of models are weird lookin’, not just Alani. Phoebe, Deande, Ambra, all the females really, if they’re to be portrayed as pretty make them pretty in-model!

that’s all for now; Feel free to share your own thoughts in a civil fashion on what it is you’re feeling.

Edit: To any mods, Even if the major focus is PvP/Competitive, if this topic is better suited for General, then feel free to move it there.


Everybody seems to want a ranked mode and changes to gear. Can we please just get some support behind additional CR levels? I’m running out of numbers to watch go up. I need my inflated sense of accomplishment.

This isn’t a joke or sarcasm, it’s a serious concern of mine.


Prestige System. That is what I want most.
Ranked mode would be nice but would be tough with the current player base. The gear system needs a fix, but I am in the minority of people who don’t use legendaries in PvP.


I used to run legendaries fairly often, but as I played I started seeing the benefits of cheaper more easily accessible gear. I just don’t think there are many legendary’s worth the price. A few definitely are, but not many.

But hey, I’m in the minority of not wanting a ranked at all. I personally don’t feel it will help to split the queue’s even more and the worst of the worst you run into will never play it anyway. They’ll still lurk in the depths of casual, stomping random teams put together with little to no regard towards skill or time played.

A super-exaggerated art style is one of the defining qualities of this game. If you “prettied” up the models (and I assume you meant both male and female models), you’d get Overwatch… and then the Varelsi win.

I think Gearbox needs to own their strengths, not try to emulate the competition. The art style of this game makes me feel at home!


Dats what ranked mode is for.

Watch dat elo climb.:sunglasses:


~opens mouth to speak


~closes mouth~

~thinks carefully about next words~

~comes up with nothing~

I seemed to have posted myself into a corner here. So without the high ground, I flee.

Perfect. Other thing to considerate: the majority of the cast are aliens. This oddity helps to illustrate this.

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I agree; it’s just that there are ways to have their “style” and make things pretty. Take Moxxi and Lilith, they’re hot! And they are def. Gearbox characters. I think it’s just poor work in the transition from 2-D art to 3-D. Like I stated, Alani looked Amazing and gorgeous in her artwork, very Gearbox, very alien, yet pretty. That inherent beauty seemed to have been lost in the transition to a 3-D model. That’s the truth for most characters (in my opinion).

Not saying to up the realism or anything, just to refine their models a little so they translate better from their gorgeous 2-D rendering into their 3-D models.

@others I forgot about a Prestige system; that could definitely help a lot with the PvE and non-competitive PvP crowds.

Redo PvE and put it like it is with Attikus and the thrall rebellion, better repeatability (and when I mean by that have the characters say more. not Ghalt, kleese, Mellka, etc. I mean that of the others that never get a say I love to hear what the others have to say in the situations their in)

more gear drop (common and uncommon mostly but sometimes rare or epic)

and finally a idea that’s probably not unique. But have a second lore page for every character, I’m fine with doing more challenges (speaking for myself here, don’t know how any of you feel) and I would like to learn more about the characters without haveing to wait for the next battleplan

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The only art style problem I have is how Deande’s body has two waists. Otherwise it’s obviously not perfect but exactly how I’d want it to be.

The only character that needs to be hot is Ambra, because then how would she kill things? An objective definition of beauty in a work of art, is
A. In the eye of the beholder
B. Completely and utterly unnecessary

CR and Hero level will never be an indication of skill and therefore, worthless past the mutations and free skin.


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This is a minor thing too, but I thought of it last night when we had a 10 person party. When you have a 10 person party, allow them to enter into a public queue and it split the team randomly.

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Level 100s will always have more opportunities than a level 39.
If prestige levels are introduced a master prestige will have significantly more knowledge than a traditional level 39.

Not worthless.


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I guess prestige mode would be a good idea as it would give a lot of people who feel like they’ve done everything they can do in the game something to do. Would character ranks start over again when you prestige though? If they did that may steer people away. Gali as an example, a lot of her mutations are the best option, in pvp at least and idk if people would want to play to unlock those, I wouldn’t.


Yeah I remember you mentioning that. It seems… rather niche and pointless? What situations would that be useful in?

The only way I’d see it being used (I may be seeing only the downside) is as an easy way to get lore/titles that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

As it stands now a party of ten can still randomize themselves in a private match yet not be able to cheat the system so to speak.


@HobbitWarrior @hexhammer

You both have valid points.

The high skill level scum with no morals will still prey on “casuals” in non-competitive.

Those with pride, honour and sportsmanship who are looking for a legitimate challenge to test and hone their abilities will join the Competitive queue.

That will leave the non-competitive queue filled with less experienced, experienced but of just average to a bit above average skill, and a bunch of 5 man Premade casual stompers.

This means that almost every time the non-competitives face a premade, it will be predators.

Or honourable players who are experienced but do not feel ready for the constant on-point-ness of Competive.

The Competitive players will be happy i guess but it seems like everyone else will be left with fewer potential team mates and opponents, more of whom will be predators.

What do you guys think?

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I… want to play private versus and get lores.