*another* idea for a zane com

Yes I understand this is basically all I post but I like the theory and idea ok :D.
(Prefix) No Scope
Red text: 360.
Boosts: Confident Competence, Nerves of Steel, Ready for Action

Zane gains increased accuracy whenever he scores a critical hit (20%, not stackable). This decays after a few seconds (3.)
Whenever Zane gains accuracy, he gains increased weapon damage (additive, ~.75% damage per 2% accuracy.) This damage lasts until zane loses accuracy.

This would 1. Give zane a reason for all those accuracy buffs (as no crit damage) and 2. Give him a class mod that actually utilizes his green tree in a meaningful way. This class mod, at full potential, could give zane ~200% more damage. However, I believe this is rounded out by the fact that all of zanes accuracy buffs are situational, with the massive ones needing his shield to be full, not exactly an easy requirement.

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He can already turn the Maggie into a sniper are you trying to turn a stagecoach into a one punch chump?


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So he should get roughly ~221% damage plus ~295% accuracy.

NoS + CC maxed is 180% +66% accuracy respective (+20% crit accur bonus via mod)

@megadethwm , I think it would make the one pump chump look like a chump.

I think this mod would be over kill.

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