Another KO Music Video

So I put together another compilation of KO’s I’ve achieved over the last little while. I like this one better than the first one I made. There’s a better variety of characters, much less filler, and some more impressive kills (I think).

I have a lot of fun making these, so I hope someone out there enjoys watching them!


Yeah I enjoy seeing these! I really liked the ending. Idk how you found that whole through the world with Benedict on complete accident.

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Oh, but ppl do it all the time: last time I saw LexAnarchy doing this “shenaningans” with AB flying all the way around the Echelon (through the outside void). Ever since performace improvement I myself explore that map too: found one exploit sniper perch and hidden room, IOW lotsa holes in there.
So, back to your question: curiosity I guess :wink: