Another Legendary Maliwan Gun post

Story time. So I’ve gone through the drama to get this gun already. I redeemed about two more guns than I should have, got the gun a day or two after launch at level 12 and threw it up on my wall for all to see.

I made the mistake of sitting it in my bank one day and all my weapons in the bank, the bank and lost loot sdus, golden keys, guardian ranks, and cosmetics were deleted after a cloud save issue. I do understand it’s a lost cause trying to get all my progress back without screenshots.

After everything I lost, I really just want that gun back up on my wall. It was at least 32,000 points after all haha. Now I haven’t found it anywhere else in the game so I assume it’s a VIP exclusive thing. I couldn’t find support on the Borderlands VIP page either, but any help in figuring out how to get that gun to pop back up would be a blessing. I can provide proof to any higher powers at work that I met the original requirements to earn the gun in the first place if that’s an issue.